BELLA 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender – Quick & Convenient way to blend the contents!

Bella 13330 Rocket Blender Review 2023

Have you ever heard or seen a Best Personal Blender that looks like a small rocket? No, right! Me neither, but when I was going through some of the products to review, I was surprised to see this small rocket design personal blender. It immediately grabbed my attention and I knew, this is an appliance that I need to review next. The next moment I had it on my doorstep. Now I have been referring to this product as ‘it’ and am sure you must be curious to know what that is. Well, it is none other than the Bella 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender. It arrived in a small package, obviously due to the size of the blender. Here is my detailed Bella 13330 Rocket Blender Review, with Pros and Cons just go through it.

BELLA BLA13330 12 Piece Rocket Blender Details

The Bella 13330 Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set was packed carefully in bubble wrap to avoid damage and along with the accessories, it had a user manual. Assembling the Bella Sport Rocket Blender was a piece of cake for me, and so it will be for you, because of the well-defined user manual that comes with it. The Bella Hand Immersion Blender may look like a small machine to you, and you may also tend to underestimate its power in grinding and blending, but let me warn you, it is not as it seems to be. This blender is a very powerful machine with a 240 watt power motor. The stainless steel blades are two in number, but are enough to liquefy and food item in it to a fine mixture. If you are a person who loves to relish on smoothies every morning for a fresh and healthy beginning, then this machine is the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies. It can emulsify and blend the fruit in a very fine texture, which feels smooth in your mouth. If you are wondering what else can this Bella 12-Pc. Rocket Blender can do, well, it all depends on the accessories that come along with it. You get 2 different sizes of blending cups with it, which you can use for blending milkshakes, juice, and smoothies. You also get a very small grinding cup that you can use to make pastes like pesto, guacamole, and anything else. As the Bella Sport Rocket Blender is very small in size, it can easily be carried around even during trips or vacations.


  • Handheld
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Blade
  • Accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty

1. Handheld

Whenever you want to make juice for yourself, you need to follow several steps such as you have to cut the fruits, put it into the pot, place the blender, attach the pot over the blender, and many more steps. It is fine if you have to do it once a week. But what if, you have to follow up all these processes daily. Making juice can be a tough job if such steps have to be repeated every day in the same manner. With the help of Bella 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender, you can say goodbye to all those steps. This handheld blender can be used instantly with ease. Just cut the fruit, put it in the cup, and stir the blender. You can have your juice instantly. People who are health conscious can be benefited from this product extensively.

2. Simple to use

Using blender can be tricky. There are numerous options in blenders, which can be confusing. If you do not have any prior experience of using a blender, it might be difficult to operate it. The desired food item will not prepare properly if the blender is not used properly. But with two tall cups of Bella Hand Immersion Blender, you can easily handle the blender to prepare juice and many more food items. You have to press the button, followed by plugging the plug to any power source. It is super easy to use. If you get stuck at any event with the blender, you can always follow the instructions given in the user manual. The manual is well specified. With the user manual, you can be aware of all the functionality provided by this Best Bella Blender.

3. Versatile

Some of blenders in the market are food-specific. Some are better for preparing smoothies, and some are good at preparing juice. There are just a few blenders that can be used for every event. One of them is Bella Sport Rocket Blender. As mentioned in Bella 13330 Rocket Blender Review, you can prepare various types of food items such as mayonnaise, smoothies, juice, and many more. This Bella Hand Immersion Blender is versatile. With this product, you do not stay restricted based on food items that you want to prepare.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning blenders after using is a very boring task. After having a glass of your favorite juice, no one likes to clean the mess created in this process of making juice. But keeping it unclean is also not acceptable as it will degrade the hygiene of your kitchen. If you want to work in a clean and safe environment, you should keep your kitchen clean, which includes cleaning your blender as well. With the Bella 13330 Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set, you can clean your blender in less than a minute. Cleaning this blender is super easy. Just a little soap and scrubbing, you can clean it thoroughly.

5. Blade

The blade is one of the major parts of a blender. It is the most important part of a blender, which is responsible for blending. Sometimes the food item can be soft, but sometimes it can be hard as a rock. But your blade should be tough enough to resist any food item. It should be sharp enough to cut the food items into fine pieces and not break even when it spins at high speed. Surprisingly, these entire features are seen in the blade of Bella 12-Pc. Rocket Blender. You can easily chop or grind all types of food items. The blade is made up of strong stainless steel. This blade also does not get any stains. This is the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies you can get in the market.

6. Accessories

Most of the blenders do not come with any accessories. You have to blend or grind the food in blender itself. You do not have any provision to blend it differently. You have to use other utensils to use the hand blender. Sometimes you need to buy extra accessories, which increases the cost of the blender as well as the food which you are preparing. But with the Bella Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set, you can get many accessories such as two tall and one small cup, two types of blades, lids, and many more. These accessories are meant to make your task easy to complete. In less amount of time, you can prepare for whatever you want. You do not have to buy extra to have these accessories. Having an extra blade is always recommended since the first one got broken, you will still be able to finish your work with the help of another blade.

7. Lightweight

Ideally, the blender should be light in weight. In preparing various types of food, you may have to lift it and blend it from certain angles. Sometimes you have to choose the food item you are preparing specifically. In such events, the Bella 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender gets quite handy to the user since it is light in weight. You can easily lift this blender and use it as per your convenience. The Food item can be prepared quickly with the help of this blender. You can even take it anywhere as per your wish. You can also store it anywhere since it is compact. It will not occupy much space in your kitchen. It is the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies, which will complete your kitchen.

8. Warranty

The warranty period of the product should be long enough to provide you proper service. People trust the product, which has a longer warranty period. It is one of the factors which can tell you about the durability of the product. While looking through the Bella 13330 Rocket Blender Review, you can notice that it will come with a warranty period of two years. You can replace the product in this duration if your product malfunction or gets damaged for any reason. You have to inform the company about the issue you are facing, and they will help you right away. You can contact the company on the given helpline number in the user manual.



  • Manufacturer : BELLA
  • Model : BLA13330
  • Dimension : 9.1 x 7.5 x 11 inches
  • Product Weight : 3.5 pounds
  • Accessories : 12 Piece
  • Number of tall blending cups : 2
  • Number of small blending cups : 1
  • Size of cups : 21.6 Ounces, 13.3 Ounces
  • Power : 240 watt



Bella 13330 Rocket Blender 12 piece set 120 V is needed.


The Bella 13330 Rocket Blender is 240 Watt.


Bella 13330 blender lasts for a long time upto 2 years with an option of extending it.


Bella 13330 Rocket Blender can be fixed as:

1. Supplant the plastic apparatus that drives the steel sharp edges as this can snap into pieces with use after some time.
2. Supplant the blender cup in the event that it should break. Splits will make the blender spill.
3. Utilize a multimeter to check if the power cord is working appropriately. A blown power cord won’t power the blender.


Bella rocket 13330 blender functions by-

1. Place the motor base on a flat surface.
2. Place the necessary ingredients to be blended into the cup.
3. Hold the cup firmly in one hand.
4. Use the other hand to tighten the cup.
5. Plug the power cord into a 120V electrical outlet.
6. Invert the processing cup assembly.
7. Insert the blade collar into the motor base, fitting the tabs into the slots on the motor base.
8. Press down and turn the cup clockwise into the motor base until it is locked.
9. Press down and turn the cup counterclockwise to stop.
10. Release the cup.
11. The motor will stop when you release the cup.


The capacity of the blending jar in Bella Sport Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set is 21.6 ounce.


There are a total of 3 cups included in the package of the Bella 12-Pc. Rocket Blender.


No, the Bella Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set does not make too much noise while operating.


The Bella 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender is one of the Best Blender for Smoothies. Trust me on this, as I love smoothies and have tried making several combinations of those even with frozen fruit. It does not take much time for any person to learn how to use it, as it has a very simple and basic design. The Bella Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set looks like a small jar kept on a base shaped like a triangle. The base is large in size as it carries a powerful motor of 240 watts. This motor can grind even coffee beans into a beautiful mixture, therefore making it one of the best personal blenders in the market. If you are a person who loves to grab a smoothie on the go but lead a hectic life, then you can count on this small blender. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the blending jar, power on the button, the machine will blend the ingredients into a smooth texture which you can carry around in the blending cup itself. So before office, carry the blending jar with you in the car and never be late again. The only downside that I felt while using the Bella 13330 Rocket Blender 12 Piece Set is that once I had to use it continuously for around 30 minutes because of the several guests that kept asking me to blend them a smoothie. The machine started giving out a burning smell, and I knew it had reached its limit. Another downside is that you cannot use any other kind of blending jar like mason jars with is, as it is not suitable. You are constrained towards using the same blending jars the company has provided to you. Finally we hope this Bella 13330 Rocket Blender Review is helpful for you.


One of the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies the Bella 13330 Personal Size Rocket Blender, has truly won the hearts of many of its customers, thanks to its various accessories and its compact size. Most people love the way this small and Best Handheld Blender for Sale looks while sitting in their countertop. Ranked #13 in Personal Blenders, this Bella Sport Rocket Blender can make smoothies, pastes, guacamole, sauce, and soup in a few seconds. The powerful motor and the simple design is a go-getter.


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