10 High-quality Blenders under $200 – Comes with more convenient & special features!

10 Best Smoothie Blender Under 200 $ - Comes with more convenient & special features!


Are you tired of making soup for more than half an hour? Or, would you like to prevent wasting your time in the kitchen doing vague tasks? Or what about developing delectable cocktails for the entire family in under 20 seconds? If you live in India or any other country, then cooking is something that can’t be ignored since everyone loves to eat and drink homemade food/drinks.

Well, with the assistance of Best Blender Under 200 $, you can now cook remarkable, healthy meals for yourself and your family. Our detailed review guide will allow users to make clear decisions and pick out the perfect blender model for all their cooking necessities.

A blender is something that our kitchens can’t do without. We need it for something or the other job, be it blending smoothies in the morning or just preparing a sauce for pasta. It is the flexibility of use that they offer, which makes them one of the most important appliances in our kitchens. You can find the best Smoothie Blender Under $200, which lets you work with hot ingredients and recipes as well. The use of a blender is not limited to whipping up smoothies only now. Many of them come with a recipe book as well so that you can customize things your way. 

Top 10 Best Rated Blender Review 2020 Under 200 Dollars

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System Blender image
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reversible slicing disc
  • Nutri Ninja Cups

COSORI Shakes Heavy Duty Professional C900 blender

COSORI Shakes and Smoothies 1400W Heavy Duty Professional Blender image
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality speed
  • User-friendly Design

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Black Blender image
  • Powerful motor
  • 1 litre pitcher
  • Auto start/stop function

This Ninja Mega kitchen blender is designed for parties as you can use its big pitcher to churn drinks in no time at all. Ye, Ninja’s Best Rated Blender Under 200 Dollars has a mighty motor that easily crushes ice quite easily to help you serve any quantity of drinks for yourself or others. 

  • 72 oz crushing pitcher

  • 8 cup food processor

  • 16 oz nutri ninja cups

  • Dishwasher safe

  • BPA free

This ninja blender stands up to its name as it is one of the best Blender For Green Smoothies Under $200. You get a 72 oz pitcher with it, which turns ice to snow in seconds to give you smooth drinks and smoothies of your liking. This is not just what this powerful 1500-watt blender can actually do. The 8-cup food processor bowl provides faultless chopping. Many other costlier blenders can’t match up speed that this one is offering. Moreover, there are two 16 oz Nutri ninja cups as well that you get in the whole package. 

These cups are great for creating customized smoothies that you can take on the go by simply putting on the lids. It is assured with this blender that it retains all nutrients in whichever fruits and vegetables you put in, so you nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go. All the components of the blender are made from BPA free material, so it’s a health-conscious product which will fit right in your kitchen if you are into dieting, etc. not just that, the jars you get are dishwasher safe as well so you don’t have to worry too much about washing them. 




  • Has a 30-recipe inspiration guide
  • Reversible slicing disc


  • Some components are not dishwasher safe

The COSORI C900 blender comes with/41 6 customized blades that are made up of stainless steel and is produced out of high quality. The blade assembly is razor-sharp and cuts through seeds, veggies, fruits, and all types of food items for both vitamin and nutrient extraction. COSORI C900 Countertop Blender helps to offer food in a state which can be easily absorbed.

Best $200 Blender features speed modes that can be easily transitioned. When you have complete control over the blender’s speed, users can find it easy to maneuver and move it around different surfaces. You can do this by using the speed control switch to shift between low to high speeds even though it might be in the mid-blend speed. Also, you can either hold down or tap to transition to pulse foods.

  • Self-Cleaning

  • User-friendly Design

  • Blending power

  • Heavy Duty

With a 25000 RPM motor and a 1400 watt powered appliance, there’s nothing which this beast can’t do. The model provides you with high performance regardless of what you intend to make. There is also a sturdy handle and firm base, which can help you balance it all at once. 

Also, the unit operates noiselessly due to its noise reduction pad, thereby producing almost no sound at all than compared to other Blender in the market. Other great features include a pitcher that weighs 60oz and is BPA free along with a travel bottle that weighs 20 oz. All of the accessories are safe for dishwashing, which is a tremendous convenience for any user.




  • Blends really quick
  • Attaches well to the base
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes high-quality speed control modes


  • Tends to splatter the mix every now and then

Out of all the blenders we have reviewed, this Best Smoothie Blender Under 200 has the most powerful motor so you can very easily crush ice as well. You get a bigger pitcher as well so you can prepare all kinds of family-sized drinks in one go. 

  • 1700 watt power

  • Auto start/stop functionality

  • Hands free smart technology

  • 1 litre pitcher

  • 30 ounce short cup

This Quiet Blender for Under $200 is best suited for kitchens that have more blender surrounding work to do or simply in bigger kitchens. The pitcher and cups that you get with it are much bigger than what you will usually get. The short cup it has is a 30-ounce cup which is fit to make smoothies for one person and acts like a mug as well if you have to take it with you. Adding to this, the pitcher gives an option for family-sized servings, and you can have single servings in the small cup. 

The flexibility feature is the highlight of this blender. There is another thing that is unique about this blender is that it has a heating cycle for soups and sauces. Most blenders don’t have this feature, which is why this blender is perfect for the amount that you would be paying if you buy it. 

There is auto start and stop smart technology, which helps you work with other appliances or around the kitchen while your blender does its work. You can clean up the blender hassle-free after you are done using it as all it needs is a rinse. The cups, on the other hand, are top-rack dishwasher safe, so those are easy to clean up as well. 




  • Powerful motor
  • Great value for the price


  • Very bulky

The Breville BBL620 features an excellent kinetic performance when it comes to blending, wherein it blends the operations of reliability and flexibility as it continues to process different food jobs. You can also chop and crush hard ice, which can be used later for soups and smoothies.

This Best Blender Under 200 dollars functions efficiently, but it a quiet manner. It does this by using a sharp blade design and utilizes a motor that is powerful enough to offer a fantastic blending performance. Additionally, the blades are produced out of stainless steel – surgical grade to allow blades to retain its sharpness for an extended period.

  • LCD Display

  • Quiet & efficient

  • Durability

  • Easy to use and clean

You have access to an auto cleaning function that helps you clean the blades seamlessly. Moreover, LCD assists in counting up multiple speed settings and offers easy control during the blending process. Yes, Breville Compact BBL620 is one of the Best Blender Under 200 available on the market.




  • It has a self-cleaning cycle
  • Motor used is of supreme quality
  • Adequate capacity levels
  • Phenomenal power for crushing ice


  • Lid is very tight and can’t be pulled off easily

The Cuisinart CBT-1500 hurricane blender is a spectacular model that functions as a single button’s touch. Even so, it brings you an intensive, sleek, highly grinding, and powerful gunmetal design. 200 Dollar Blender Juicer from Cuisinart blends well with any counter top Blender in a modern kitchen. 

The Cuisinart Blender For Crushing Ice makes use of a 2.25 peak HP motor, thereby allowing users to slowly blend ingredients that are tough to chop and cut, effortlessly. Moreover, users will get access to a substantial Tritan plastic jar that’s 60-ounces in size and BPA-free. It comes with a comfortable grip handle, thereby making it an ideal appliance for creating some delectable food items such as margaritas.

  • LCD display

  • Automatic load-sensing technology

  • BlendLogic Technology

  • Blending power

  • Durability

This Cuisinart CBT-1500 Professional Blender is housed in a plastic base, which is heavy in terms of weight. With a dual and noiseless housing design, you don’t have to fret about waking up your entire household members with your morning protein shakes. 

It operates immediately at the touch of a switch and comes with electronic touchpad controls and an LED display. You can use this control panel to control the pulse, both high and low speeds. Also, you have the option to crush ice and make smoothies easily and even comes with a countdown timer.  




  • Performs effectively as expected
  • Can crush ice and puree raw food ingredients really well
  • Large container to hold in a lot of food mix
  • Easy to clean


  • Operates really loudly than compared to other models

The Braun hand blender provides the very first active blade technology in the whole market and implements a versatile shaft that pushes the blade on an upward and downward motion. This type of motion will bring you sleek and tasty outcomes, with no pieces gone to waste.

Moreover, Best Green Smoothie Blender Under $200 incorporates modern Splash control technology that avoids splattering of food ingredients and offers remarkable blending results to allow your kitchen to be clean and users stress-free.

It features a power bell mechanism (patented) and an additional milling blade to deliver extra slices at each rotation cycle. This helps to blend substantial pieces as well as hard ingredients effortlessly.

  • Advanced SPLASH control technology

  • Easy to clean and use

  • Blending Power

  • Single-Hand Operation

Using a seamless click plus system, users can instantly alter the attachments on the spot as he/she starts prepping. It also brings you the capability to whisk, blend, mash, chop, and puree ingredients easily. Additionally, there is an adjusting blending power that does not stop in between and allows you to transition between one-speed mode to another. 

You can press the button gently for average results and add in more force to get finer outcomes. Also, the sleek start mechanism avoids jamming the startup process. 




  • Cleans up well
  • Blends phenomenally well
  • Aesthetic design


  • The chopper does not cut through all ingredients and gets jammed in between

The highlighting feature of this as one of the Best Blender Under 200$ is that it can cook as well for you, which is something that you hardly see. You can create hot and cold favorites for yourself with the help of the programs that have been installed already. 

  • 1300-watt power

  • 8 one touch programs

  • 10 speed blending

  • 3 in 1 food tamper

  • 54-ounce capacity

With a great capacity and many programs to explore, there is a lot that this Best Green Smoothie Blender Under 200 allows you to do. You can prepare hot and cold beverages both for yourself by using the four cold and four hot blending programs that are a part of the design of the blender. Many reviewers have mentioned that it is best used for chunky purees and smoothies as it retains all the nutrients. The eight one-touch programs combined with the ten-speed programs let you experiment with a lot. 

The entire use of this Best Smoothie Blender Under 200 is highly customization with the help of all functions and programs that come attached to it. There is an option for delayed cooking, using which you can set a timer for your morning smoothie or milk so that it is available to you without having to do the entire process during the rush hours. 

Blender For Milkshakes under 200 will automatically keep the contents warm for you, for up-to almost two hours. There are many add on accessories also which you can use and facilitate the existing use of the blender. The capacity is excellent, so you can explore and experiment all you want. 




  • Great capacity
  • Works with hot and cold both


  • Power is less

The Margaritaville Bahamas blender is a seamless machine that can be used easily by anyone who inclines to make delectable margaritas. It comes with a blending jar that weighs about 36-ounces and lets you effortlessly produce large pitchers of tropical drinks for you and your family.

The appliance brings you a mixing tool that takes accurate measurements when it comes to creating daiquiris, pina Coladas, and margaritas, of course. It’s powered with 400 watts and efficiently utilizes the blending power.

  • Automatic Shave N Blend cycle

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Dishwasher Safe

This Smoothie Blender has an ice shave and blend system that automatically mixes the ideal ice proportion along with other ingredients. Also, the jar is created to allow users to quickly pour in the mix and then immediately open the lid comfortably. It measures an estimate of 14 x 9 x 18 inches and features an ice reservoir that clasps ice. Users will get a warranty for one year only.




  • A spectacular machine that heeds to all your blending needs and makes phenomenal cocktail drinks
  • Operates efficiently


  • The jar gets jammed during the ice blending process and needs to be manually set up before continuing it again

The Calphalon blender brings you stainless steel blades that cut through ingredients effectively. Also, these blades are designed to be in a second direction; therefore, blend ingredients to a delicious pulp.

With a magnificent 1100-watt motor, users can take advantage of this blender and make smoothies, drinks, and other delectable items within minutes. Moreover, it comes with a Tritan jar, which has a 2-liter capacity and is surely BPA-free, therefore promotes a healthier environment.

  • Powerful 1100-watt motor

  • Dishwasher safe

  • LCD Display

  • Auto-Sensing Blade Speed

  • Long Lasting Durability

The model comes with overall 10 speed settings, which include 4 programs that are present such as dips, smoothies, milkshakes, and salsa. Along with this, it has a pulse and reverses pulse operation. Finally, it includes a 25-Oz smoothie cup, and the whole blender comes with a 10 year warranty period.




  • A stable base
  • Aesthetically appealing to look at
  • Multiple speed settings


  • The blades are too sharp which makes it challenging to clean after use

The Dash Chef blender enables users to produce iced coffee drinks, smoothies, cold margaritas, and even delicious snow cones within a few minutes. With this, it can also make hot food items such as purees, pesto, melted cheese, chocolate fondue, and hot soups in about 8 minutes.  

This professional Blender has a self-cleaning feature and a no-drip spout, which makes cleaning easy. After you’re done with the blending process, you can switch on the rinse function and add in some warm water with dish soap. The Dash Chef Series blender will take care of the remaining process. 

  • Self cleaning

  • 1400 Watt Professional Motor

  • Blending power

  • Easy to use

There are 8 preset programs available such as soups, crush, frozen, smoothies, rinse, pulse, and manual. With these programs, you can blend hard substances such as dips, nuts, hummus, and even grains into flour. 

The model comes with powerful blades that are created out of stainless steel. Along with this, it has a 2.25hp powered motor and is designed for chopping, grinding, puree, blend, dice, and juice without getting rusty at all in the long run.




  • Simplistic design and provides high performance


  • Small jar capacity and can’t fit the entire food content inside and would need to be slightly crushed manually

Food processors are well known for chopping, slicing, and dicing dry food, which works opposite with blenders because they only work well with liquid items. Food processors are offered with a variety of blade types and attachments so that they can carry out multiple uses and purposes. These appliances are sizeable and heavier than compared to blender machines. Therefore, they need more counter space and storage.

Based on the title itself, a hand blender is a machine that accomplishes a hand-held blending functionality. They can carry out similar tasks of a food processor and maintain as a conventional blender but includes benefits such as:

  •   Lightweight
  •   Effortless to use
  •   Flexible
  •   Convenience
  •   Compact

The chief principle of a hand mixer is to blend several ingredients; although, it does not dice food products during the blending operation. Being lightweight and immensely portable, you don’t need to exert a lot of physical effort to set up. Moreover, they have less room storage capacity.

The conventional countertop blender has a lot of power than compared to a hand blender. Due to this, it is identified for its heavy-duty blending on items such as frozen fruits, fibrous vegetables, and crushing ice. Blenders of supreme quality deliver an extensive list of several options and speeds.

To find a high-quality blender, you should pursue a genuine test that would check to see how powerful it purees ingredients into smooth liquids. Picking the best smoothie blender under 200 would allow you to have access to a strong motor that powers the machine between 200 to 250 watts. This will develop a fast pivot which will enable the food to draw near the blades.

This element protects the blade and is important for a hand blender because it delivers the control of fine quality for any ingredient which is blended. The appropriate cage can have either gaps or cutouts, which are big enough to allow food to pass through. 

Also, great cages can hold back food, thereby blending it much thinner (in a good way) than what’s expected. Items such as guacamole, pesto, and salsa should have a smooth texture and not be blended into a complete liquid state. 

Usually, stainless steel cages are durable cages. Plastic enclosures, in contrast, can get negatively impacted by heat. Therefore, they are identified for durable use. This is hapless since plastic cages are designed to be less harsh on kitchenware/cookware than compared to other types of enclosures. 

Even though if a majority of your cookware is nonstick, then you can try opting for a cage that is made out of stainless steel cage and that with a silicone edge. We suggest this because it avoids damage to your pots and pans.

The best blenders under 200$ offered with several speeds that can range from speed one to speed five, and even more. A unit that comprises of two speeds is better than compared to those machines which utilize a single speed because it’s perfect for attaining a firm control. This is one element that all users will end up using regularly.

To puree or cook soup, then we recommend purchasing a nice blender under 200 Dollar with an adequate long stick so that users can touch the bottom of the pot.

Some blender types are known to be lightweight; however, they can be challenging to control sometimes, especially if a model is about 3 pounds or so.

In the end, a blender should be easy to hold and pleasant to utilize. Moreover, the size and location of the power button are crucial because if there seems to be a dangerous case during the blending process, then users should immediately stop the machine. You should look out for a huge, well-paced power button so that you can feel safe when maneuvering the Blender with a single hand.

Additional wand attachments can be found on multiple models, such as whisks, chopping blades, and many more. These items can assist in extending the potential of a blender. It switches into a remarkable powerhouse tool in the kitchen.

There are quite a few Best Blenders Under 200 give beakers and bowls to carry out tasks such as blending and chopping. Hard food ingredients can be used in the blender, as well. With bowls and beakers, you can prevent the ingredients from blasting everywhere across the workstations. 

If you do want to use a blender for a particular task, such as blending, whisking, chopping, or even whipping, then try searching for the best 200 Dollar Blender Juicer that provides a peculiar accessory to prep food much faster. 

Blending container: Multiple blenders feature a blending cup. Blending cups can promote ease of conducting smaller tasks as it allows the ingredients to be cut efficiently during the operation of blending.

Additionally, you should focus on the number of attachments and accessories that come with the blender. Several models offer users multiple blending containers and can upgrade their flexibility although they tend to use a lot of counter space or room in your cabinets.


Which blender is low price and good?

COSORI Shakes Heavy Duty Professional C900 blender is low price and good

What is the best inexpensive blender under 200?

COSORI Shakes Heavy Duty Professional C900 blender and Nutribullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender are the best inexpensive blenders under 200 with great price value.

How much should I spend on a blender?

Around $100 is a good amount to be spending on a blender.

Overall, you should consider what you aim doing with a blender so that your brand new blender model doesn’t turn out to be a waste of cash in the long run. I hope this article will help you choose the Best Blender Under 200 in the market. Happy shopping.

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