10 Popular Blendtec Blenders in 2020 – Picked by keeping your needs in mind!

10 Best Rated Blendtec Blenders in 2020 - Picked by keeping your needs in mind!

Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec blenders are the most advanced blenders with innovative design and excellent performance to meet your cooking needs. The Blendtec Commercial Blenders are engineered and quality tested to deliver ultimate performance to customers. Most of the Blendtec blenders are housed with noise dampening unit so as to suppress noise produced while blending.

 It incorporates patented jar design with unique fifth side which can drag the ingredients towards the blades for perfect blending results. The patented blade system offers optimum performance. It comprises of cold forged hardened stainless steel blades which are thicker and stronger. 

The preset options with illuminated touch panels makes it easier to prepare smoothies, shakes, soups or ice creams with a single touch access. The speed settings can be varied easily using the digital touch slider.

Blendtec blenders are available in different models and specifications. In this article, we have provided complete Best Blendtec Blender Reviews which exhibits remarkable performance. 

Top 10 Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec TB621 20 Total Classic Original Black Blender image

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec TB611 20 Total Classic Original White Blender image

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide+ Jar

Blendtec P800C2901-A1AP1D Professional 800 Black Blender image

Blendtec total classic original blender incorporates four side jar which is BPA free and has volume of 75 ounce with 32 ounce blending capacity. It includes pre-programmed settings to make smoothies, ice creams, hot soups, juice etc. The patented jar design automatically pulls the ingredients to the blade for better blending results. The stainless steel forged blade with wings offers silky smooth blends. The advanced control features makes it easier to operate the blender.

  • Easy blending cycles

  • Stainless-steel forged blade

  • Easy to clean

  • Versatility

The Blandtec blender can also heat drinks and soups with the blade friction heat. The self-cleaning feature of the blender jar makes it easier to clean the jar by simply filling it soap and water. The Blendtec total classic original blender incorporates a powerful motor of 1560 watts for fast and efficient blending. It has a warranty of eight years. 





Blendtec Classic Blender incorporates advanced controls to provide amazing blending results each time you use it. The stainless steel blades are made from cold forged hardened steel which are strong and durable. The blunt ensures an efficient blending of the toughest ingredients. The blades have non sharp edges which are safe to clean without causing any injury to your hands. The patented five sided jar design automatically drags the ingredients towards the blade. Read this complete Blendtec Total Blender Review before buying this one.Blendtec Classic Blender

  • BPA-free four-sided jar

  • Self-cleaning

  • Easy Clean Interface

  • Tamper Free Jar and Latching Lid

The pre programmed blender cycles makes it easier for you to prepare smoothies, juices, soups etc with the touch of a button. The self-cleaning feature makes the cleaning of the Blendtec blender jar much easier. The BPA free Blendtec four side jar has 75 ounce volume with a blending capacity of 32 ounce suitable for preparing smoothies or shakes for 3 to 4 people. The Blendtec blender has a warranty of eight years.





Blendtec professional 800 blender offers amazing performance and quiet operation. It is a versatile blender with various functionality. It can make super smooth smoothies with raw veggies and fruits without leaving behind any pieces. Cleaning is easy. 

You just have to add water and soap and turn on the blender for a few seconds. The blades of the Blendtec commercial blender are 80% stronger and ten times thicker than other blender blades. It is a professional grade countertop or in counter professional blender which can be easily operated with single touch and pre programmed cycles.

  • 11-Speed Touch Slider

  • Six preprogrammed blend cycles

  • LCD countdown timer

  • Blending power

The blendtec professional 800 blender can achieve a maximum of 3.8 peak horse power. The speed can be varied to 11 different levels with the touch slider for ultimate precision speed control. The wildside+ jar has 90 ounce volume and a blending capacity of 36 ounce. The top and back portions are completely covered and acts as an excellent sound dampener. The manufacturers provides a comprehensive warranty of eight years for the product.





The Blendtec Pro 750 Blender consist of blades which are stronger and thicker than other blender blades. It includes six preprogramed cycles with one touch access for preparing smoothies, shakes, soups, crushed ice, juice and ice cream.

The preset modes provides optimal speed and time for the function. By selecting the self-cleaning option, you can easily clean the Blendtec wildside blender jar. The pulse provides an added power while blending. The Blendtec commercial blender can operate at 10 different speeds with automatized settings.

  • One-touch interface

  • Ultra high speed motor

  • Easy cleaning

  • LCD countdown timer

The ultra-high speed motor is powerful and does not make much noise as in other blender types. The LCD countdown timer lets you to know how much time is left in preset cycle. The Blendtec Wildside Blender jar has a capacity of 90 ounce and a blending capacity of 36 ounce.

The narrow fifth side of the wildside blender jar ensures a faster and smoother blend of silky fine texture. The Blendtec professional blender has a comprehensive warranty of eight years.





Another popular and super- efficient blender variant from the house of Blendtec, the Blendtec classic fit blender is smart, efficient and not that dramatically expensive like the previous one as well.

Also happens to be the next inclusion in our list for its highly organised functionality, this particular one can be the best inclusion for any kitchen, who are in a budget and does not want to spend a fortune to buy a regular kitchen appliance. 

Basically the most classic blender variant form Blendtec, yet loaded with heaps of features including pre-programed settings and other several customer friendly features, not only simplify your kitchen, but also turns every recipe to a perfect one.

Now coming to the individual features of this particular Blendtec Blender, this one is versatile and can easily make steamy soups to frozen treats, from fancy mocktails to healthiest smoothies with equal ease and efficiency.

  • Classic bender flagship, which is both functioning and durable

  • Specialized 30 seconds pulse feature

  • Versatile appliance can do jobs of both mixers and grinders and dough makers

  • Separate high and low pulse settings for more efficient blending

  • Square shaped Four-sided blending jars

A perfect all in all solution for your kitchen, this particular Blendtec fit blender can replace many of Kitchen appliances like juicer, mixers, coffee grinders, bread makers and co many more.

Another interesting feature with this particular blender is unlike other popular models from other manufacturers, this particular one is comprises of square shaped blending jars, which efficiently harness power while machine is functioning and the end product is a more smooth and fine particles of any possible ingredients including ice and coffee beans as well.

The blunt edges yet powerful blades also acts as the added advantage to this entire blending process as well. Now from the design point of view, like any other great quality Blendtec blenders , this particular one is also smart and sleek with user friendly control panels, thus makes it easier and hassle free to use as well.





The ultra-high speed motor of the Blendtec classic 575 blender is durable and powerful to crush the toughest ingredients such as ice or frozen food in a few seconds. The single wingtip blade can pulverize the ingredients to a smooth and fine texture with ease. The exclusive jar design generates frictional heat which can be utilized for preparing hot soups and hot drinks quickly.

  • Easy Blending Cycles

  • LCD display

  • Stainless-Steel forged blade

The 64 ounce capacity blender jar is BPA free and has a unique square shape for fast and efficient blending. Pre programmed settings makes it easier to prepare various delicacies such as soups, smoothies, shakes and so on with the touch of a button.

The touch pad control makes the selection of settings easier for you. The LCD timer indicates the time duration while blending. The Blendtec classic 575 blender has a warranty of eight years.





Are you looking for a great blender with all those professional features and added technologies? which not only makes the blending of different foods easier but so as life! If budget is not a big concern, than this particular Designer 625 blender with patented WildSide+ features from the house of Blendtec, is a perfect option for you by all means.

Two of the most interesting and important features of this particular Blendtec blender are its super powerful blades and the famous WildSide+ feature. As the powerful blades are manufactured with industrial grade, cold-forged hardened steel, they possess a lot of strength.

From softest of fruits to hardest of items like ice, everything transforms to finest particles in these particular set of blades. And as an added advantage, as the blades are really heavy-duty, chopping of different items are not necessary as well.

  • Professional grade blender jar suitable for all types of blending and crushing of different foods and ingredients

  • Patented WildSide+ technology for powerful vortex motion

  • Super hard blades for efficient crushing and blending

  • Six different speed settings with separate pulse mode

  • Touchscreen control buttons with LCD screen for a smart and sleek outlooks

  • The blades are powerful yet blunt on edges, hence easier to clean

  • Dual blending jars of 90 ounce and 46 ounce capacity

Now along with these blades, another patented feature i.e. the WildSide+, which is adding an extra dimension to the entire process and making the blending job much more easier as well. All lies in the unique vortex mechanism of the particular Blendtec blenders, which pulls down all the foods and ingredients to the blades itself, thus does not require any extra muddling as well.

A perfect piece of appliance for making soups and smoothies and a variety of frozen drinks, the preset cycles, including pulse mode and six different speed settings makes the job hassle free and a fun-filled affair. The 90-ounce and 46-ounce blending jars are also capable enough for both larger and smaller batches of smoothies. The smart and stylish all-white outlook of this particular Blendtec Blender will also accentuate the look of any kitchen space within seconds as well.





This patented blade system of Blendtec total classic original blender is ten times stronger than or blender blades. cold forged hardened steel blunt blade can pulverize even toughest ingredients to silky smooth texture. It does not cut or injure your hands while cleaning as blade are blunt and not sharp. advanced control features and easy clean interface of Blendtec Total blender makes blending and cleaning easier.


  • Self-Cleaning

  • Tamper Free Jar and Latching Lid

  • Blunt Blade

  • Easy Clean Interface

Its one touch operation with 6 pre-programmed cycles and 10 speed manual control gives you the complete control to adjust the blending. This Blendtec Total Blender Wildside jar is of 90 ounce volume and with a blending capacity of 36 ounce. The jar is BPA free and safe to use. As Blade friction delivers heat which can be utilized to make hot soups. Blendtec Total classic blender  has a higher wattage of 1560 watts and a warranty of eight years.





This Blendtec Pro 795 blender exhibits fast and efficient blending even with tough ingredients. It incorporates a powerful motor which can deliver a maximum of 3.0 peak horsepower. sealed sound enclosure of Blendtec blender suppresses noise. The illuminated captive touch interface offers the simplicity in selecting functions. flat sided jar is easy to clean.

  • Six pre-programmed walk-away cycles

  • BPA-free Wildside

  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor

  • Versatility

 The wildside patented jar design provides best blending performance. You can prepare batters, mixed drinks, smoothie, frozen treats, whole juice and hot soup by selecting a preprogramed buttons. This Blendtec wildside jar is of 90 ounce volume with a blending capacity of 36 ounce.

The blending jar has an extra-wide base and a narrow fifth wildside which offers optimum performance while blending. Blendtec Pro 795 blender has a manufacturer warranty of eight years.





Blendtec EZ 600 Professional blender is designed to meet the industrial standards. The ultra-high speed commercial motor delivers 3.0 peak horsepower. Speed can be varied to low, medium or high with the one touch button. The blunt safety blade is easier to clean without causing injury to your hands.

  • Self-Cleaning

  • One-touch controls

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Reliable

The smart blend technology provides efficient blending outcome. For quick burst of power and speed while blending you can use the pulse button. Blendtec Classic Blender LCD countdown timer offers consistent results. It includes a BPA free four side jar with a total volume of 64 ounce and a blending capacity of 32 ounce. The blendtec blender is suitable for heating soups and drinks through friction heat. The manufacturers provides a comprehensive warranty of one year for the product.





Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar is the top rated and best Blendtec blender in Amazon. Blendtec Total Blender Review in Amazon shows positive customer responses from the customers about the blender. This Blendtec blender offers great performance and gets all the fruit into a nice juice consistency without leaving behind any pulp. The one touch preset options and the smart blending technology makes it easier to operate the Blentec total blender. The 1560 watts powerful motor together with the patented blade system offers fast and perfect blending results. 

There are some major criteria which have to be considered while choosing a Blendtec blender. Make sure to consider the following performance features when you purchase a Blendtec blender.

Blendtec blenders are available with different power wattages. For blending tough ingredients, you have to select blenders with a power rating of more than 800 watts. For lighter blending tasks, a blender with lesser power will be enough.

Most of the Blendtec blender incorporates cold forged hardened stainless steel blades which are easier to clean and offers silky smooth blending results. The blades with blunt edges provides an added safety, as it won’t injure your hand while cleaning.

You have to choose the Blendtec blender with appropriate jar capacity for your family. The jar volume and blending capacity are different. So take note of bending capacity of the jar while purchasing the Blendtec blender.

Blendtec blenders are available in different designs and models. Some are space consuming where as others are sleek and compact which requires less storage area. You can select the blender models according to the storage space available.

You have the option to control the speed of the Blendtec blenders. Blendtec blenders have different speed settings. More number of speed settings gives you the versatility to provide more control while blending to achieve the required consistency.

Check for the warranty of the Blendtec blender, so that you do not have to do additional investment to get the parts of the blender repaired if any malfunctioning occurs in future.

Most of the customers are confused when it comes to the selection of the best blender You cannot say that the one model outperforms the other one as the technology and features both the blenders incorporate are different. . Both Blendtec and Vitamix blenders has its own strengths and weaknesses when considering different performance parameters.

When it comes to the cost, both the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are costly and available in the same price range.

Both the blenders are loud, when operated at the highest speed settings. Some of the Blendtec blenders have outer coverings so as to suppress the noise of the blender to some extent.

Both the blenders produce more than 1 HP peak output power. The power ratings vary depending on the type of motor incorporated. When comparing the basic models of Vitamix and Blendtec, Blendtec Designer 625 blender incorporated with 1560 watts motor produces 3 HP speed at the maximum level whereas the Vitamix 5200 equipped with 1380 watts motor delivers 2 HP speed at the maximum. Henceforth the basic Blendtec blenders are equipped with more powerful motors than the Vitamix models.

The jars of both Vitamix and Blendtec are made of BPA free materials and are safe to use. The standard Blendtec jars are of 90 ounce volume and the Vitamix standard size is 60 ounce. So if you have a larger family it is better to opt for Blendtec with larger capacity jars. 

The bottom of the Blendtec blender jars have blade metal axis covered with rubber seal which can be shredded easily whereas the Vitamix uses metal part instead of rubber and does not shred out.

The Blendtec blenders and Vitamix blender’s uses hardened stainless steel blades. But the blades assembly are different for both the models. Vitamix blenders uses four tipped blades and the blendtec blenders uses two prong blades with wing tip. As Blendtec blades have blunt edges and are easy to clean as it does not cause any cuts or injuries while cleaning. These blendtec blades are non-detachable. 

The blades of the Vitamix can be easily detached for cleaning. Even though the designs are different, both blades are capable of pulverising the ingredients easily in a few seconds.

The Blendtec blenders have illuminated touch panels which are simpler and easy to use. The Vitamix blenders use manual press dial and toggle switch controls. 

All Blendtec blenders have pre-programmed settings for smoothies, shakes, soups and so on. It is easier to perform these tasks with the single touch access in Blendtec blenders. 

Vitamix blenders have pre-programmed settings only in a few models such as Vitamix professional series 750 and Vitamix G series 780. The latest ascent series of Vitamix blenders incorporates pre-programmed settings.

Blendtec blenders offers manufacturer’s warranty of 7 to 8 years. Vitamix blenders comes with 5 to 7 years warranty with an option for extended warranty up to three years.

Both the blenders features good performance and quality. If you need more power and want to operate the blender like a smartphone, it is better to select the Blendtec blenders with illuminated touch panels. If you prefer to have more manual control and often have to blend small volumes, then Vitamix is the best choice for you.

Blendtec blenders can be used to perform a multitude of tasks in the kitchen. It can be used for preparing meals, side dishes, snacks, beverages, sauces, desserts and much more. 

You can make doughs and thick batters for your breakfast using the blendtec blenders. Hot soups can be prepared by selecting the soup function on the touch panel. The frictional heat generated inside a jar will be used to heat the soup. Baby foods can also be prepared easily with the Blendtec blenders. 

You do not have to throw away the edges of the bread. It can be used for preparing homemade bread crumbs with the Blendtec blender. The natural peanut butter can be remixed if the oil separates out. Also fresh butters can be prepared from nuts using the Blendtec blender. Preparing tomato sauces is just easy, you have to put the ingredients in the blender jar and select the sauce function. Tomato sauce will be ready to serve in a few seconds. 

Whether preparing baby food or soups or batters or anything else, the Blendtec blender makes the job easier for you.

Here are some tips to clean the Blendtec blender in a simpler and easier way.

For cleaning the blender jar, add some water and soap solution. Then cover the jar tightly with the lid and turn ON the ‘pulse’ or ‘clean’ button for 5 seconds. Now you can remove the jar and rinse with water to get the jar cleaned. 

Do not use any stiff bristled brushes or abrasive cloths or pads to clean the jar, as it might cause scratches on the surface of the jar.

Most the Blendtec blender jars are top rack dishwasher safe. So you can opt to clean it in the dishwasher too.

Before cleaning a blender base, turn off power and unplug a device. The blender base and touch panels can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

You should not submerge the blender base in water as it might damage the motor and void the warranty of the product.

Blendtec blender offers a superior blending experience at your kitchen. Blendtec blenders are engineered tested to deliver the ultimate performance. Here are some of the key features of the Blendtec blenders which makes them unique.

The blendtec blender jars have curved bottom with drain holes which makes air drying more effective thus enhancing the lifetime and durability of the jar.

Blendtec blenders have smooth surfaces and the touch controls are sealed and protected from liquids. So it is easier to clean the surfaces by wiping with a damp cloth. You do not have to spend your time in cleaning. 

The digital displays of the Blendtec blender indicates the cycle time left for blending and the number of cycles completed.

The illuminated touch controls are easier to select just like you operate your smartphone making it more user friendly.

The Blendtec blenders offers extra power with its powerful motor. You can make milkshakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, peanut butter and other thick blends easily and quickly using the Blendtec blender. 

Blendtec jars have flat sided surfaces which are super easy to clean. You can scrape out the leftover ingredients from the flat sides easily. The blades have blunt edges and so you can easily reach on to the blades for cleaning without causing any cuts or wounds to your hands.

The Blendtec blenders consists of cold forged hardened stainless steel blades which are 80% stronger and ten times thicker than other blender blades. The patented vertical wingtips of the blades are capable of pulverising any tough ingredients to a silky smooth texture. 

The lids have removable vent so the steam produced while preparing hot soups can escape out without causing pressure inside. You can also add ingredients while blending through the removable vent without having to open the lid. 


How much is a Blendtec blender?

A Blendtec blender ranges around $180- $500.

What can you make with a Blendtec blender?

Items that can be made with a Blendtec blender:

  1.  Waffles.
  2. Pancakes.
  3. Muffin Batter.
  4. Quick Bread Batter.
  5. Cauliflower Rice.
  6. Bread Crumbs.
  7. Refried Beans.
  8. Soup.
How to clean a Blendtec blender?

Steps to clean a Blendtec blender:

    1. Fill the container with 1 cup of hot faucet water.
    2. Include 1-2 drops of dish cleanser and spot the top on the blender container.
    3. Spot the container on the Blendtec blender base and press the Clean preset button. On the off chance that this button is inaccessible on your model, press the pulse button for five seconds to clean.
What blender is better for industrial use, Vitamix or Blendtec?

Blendtec blender is better for industrial use as Blendtec draws more power at 13 amps/1560 W and 3 peak horsepower motor compared to standard Vitamix blenders that draw 11.5 amps/1380 W and 2 peak horsepower motors.

Which Blendtec model is best?

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is the best model overall.

How long do Blendtec blenders last?

Blendtec blenders are built to last a really long time and come with a 7 to 8 years warranty.

The Blendtec blenders can meet all your blending needs and are a great asset for your kitchen. These high performance blenders offers exceptional blending performance with automated settings to make smoothies, sauces, soups and so on. Thus making it easier to use.

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