10 High-quality Countertop Blenders 2020 – Matches any of your Kitchen Decor!

10 Best Budget Countertop Blenders - Matches any of your Kitchen Decor!

Best Countertop Blender

Cooking currently serves as a passion like no other. Every individual of present era has a thirst at experimentation with food items. Thus, everyone makes efforts at honing his or her culinary skills to ace the preparation of exact recipe he or she may have in mind. And technological appliances used in a kitchenette such as grinders, mixers and blenders only serve as a medium for the accomplishment of the said task in hand.

Be it vegetable, mayonnaise, soups or sauces you must need a countertop blender for sure. Every accomplished chef makes use of the latest models of each of these appliances to prepare tastiest of cuisines ever within the shortest span of time possible. There are two major types of blenders available in the market which include both countertop blenders and Immersion blenders. 

The Built In Blender For Countertop happen to be those stationary blenders with proper base and motor and make use of containers which may be made up of glass, plastic or even stainless steel. The Glass jars tend to be more substantial and more stable while plastic blenders may easily get scratched and thus, may make the blended food unsafe with their chemical constituents. 

Stainless steel, on the other hand, makes blender look elegant and stylised with the only tiny drawback that its opacity reduces the visibility of blending food during the operation of blender. Immersion blenders are smaller hand held blenders, and thus, their uses are limited compared to countertop models.

Best Budget Countertop Blenders are much more powerful compared to the Immersion blenders and thus, can crush ice as well. They are used in most modern households all over the United States. The most top rated or in demand brands of countertop blenders including Ninja, Oster, KitchenAid and Vitamix.

Blenders are a specific type of home and kitchen appliance which can be seen almost every household these days. Previously blenders were only used in chemical laboratories to mix different types of chemicals and other substances at high speed. 

But with mechanical and technological advancement, laboratory blenders became outdated and other different and powerful equipment like the centrifuge started taking its place. But during that time people started to identify usage of a blender in the culinary field. 

During that time, people used to grind and blend vegetables and fruits manually, by mortar and Pestle and then sieve them to make light gravies and puree. This process was very tiresome and took a long time when there is a need to puree a big batch of ingredients. The introduction of blenders makes grinding and blending work easy for women at that time. 

With time, like all the other appliances and electronics, blenders get evolved in many ways. They become more powerful, more versatile, a lot of different products can be blend in them, the end product is smoother. Though new age blenders are looking sleeker and more stylish than their predecessor, the generic model is remaining the same. 

A basic generic Best Countertop Blender For Smoothies consists of a transparent long cylindrical container made of either glass or polypropylene with a powerful and sharp blade attached at the bottom. The whole unit is attached to an electrically powered motor, which helps to rotate the blade in high speed, thus chops and shreds inside material to a desirable shape and consistency.


Now there are thousands of different companies present in the market, specialized in manufacturing top quality countertop blenders both for commercial and household usage. We curated the best 10 among thousands of Countertop blenders which will serve all your need efficiently. Let us see and discuss those Best blenders in following portions-

Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja Countertop blender

Ninja BL480D Nutri Personal Black Silver Blender image

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

Ninja BL610 Professional 72oz Countertop Black Blender image

Ninja Professional Countertop blender BL660

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender image

The very first one in this list of top 10 countertop blender is from Ninja.This Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja Countertop blender happens to be one of the most popular models of countertop blenders currently sold online on Amazon. It has been placed in the category of Amazon’s choice for all blenders marketed by Ninja brand. With the present price tag of 79.99 $ online, which happens to be much lower compared to other brands and other models offered by Ninja, it has won the hearts of millions of users worldwide.

It is mainly used at homes for preparation of smoothies, fruit juices and shakes for helping the users lead a much healthier lifestyle at home itself. The model is available in two different colours which happen to include black as well as silver. Besides, containers available with base are available in two separate volumes which include both 18 ounces and 24 ounces.

  • Equipped with Auto IQ technology which allows the motor blades to extract all nutrients much more efficiently

  • Control panel is equipped with push buttons

  • Modes available: 4 in total, 2 automatic modes and 2 manual modes

  • The containers available are in two sizes: 18 ounces and 24 ounces each

 The base primarily features auto-IQ motor run on a power of 1000 watt. Currently, the model has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 among all users who buy appliances online. 

Ninja is one of the Bestseller which provides blenders, food processors, coffee makers etc. Two of its models which are much appreciated amongst users all over the globe include Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja and Ninja professional BL660 Countertop blender.





The next one in the list of Top 10 countertop blender is the Ninja Professional Blender which features a sleek and compact design and outstanding performance with 1000 watts of a professional range of the powerful motor. This blender is also coming with a 72oz blending jar for medium to the large capacity of ingredients.

This Ninja Professional countertop blender is equipped with patented Ninja total crushing blades which gives you perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing for an extended period

  • Blending power

  • Easy to clean

  • Durability

  • Easy to assemble

The blades are so powerful that it can crush ice and frozen fruit in seconds. The 72 oz. Professional BPA free plastic blender jar is perfect for making large batches of creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies for the entire family. This blender jar is also perfect for making large batches of delicious margaritas and daiquiris and other cocktails.

This 6-blade Ninja Countertop Blender Modes am assembly system are so powerful that they can blast ice into snow in seconds and blend all your favorite ingredients into delicious sauces, dips and smoothies!





Ninja Professional BL660 Countertop blender is another model created by Ninja, and it also has been tagged as Amazon’s choice for blenders manufactured by Ninja kitchen. Currently, it is being sold on Amazon at 105.02 $. Ideal for crushing ice and making frozen drinks, this model is equipped with an extra large sized 72 ounces pitcher used for crushing ice and 2 small 16 ounces cups with additional to go lids.

  • Equipped with total crushing blades

  • In-built 4 manual programs as settings

  • Equipped with 3 different speed options

  • Containers: 72 Oz Extra large pitcher + two 16 Oz small sized Nutri Ninja cups with To-go lids

The base is powered by an 1100 watt motor capable of pulverizing ice into liquid form within seconds. The material is devoid of BPA in the constitution, and the parts can safely be washed using the dishwasher. Parts available include 1100 watt base motor, 72 Oz XL pitcher, two 16 Oz nutri Ninja cups with To-go lids and instruction manual. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender blades are of a total crushing type capable of smashing ice for making delicious smoothies. It is in-built with 4 manual programs as options in total. The model has a current rating of 8.8 out of 10 amongst all users who buy blenders online.





Hamilton beach specialises in the manufacturing and selling of food processors, blenders, grinders, toasters, irons, electric cookers and air purifiers; which was founded by Frederick J. Osius in 1910. The company got its name from two individuals hired by Osius as executives of the company, Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach. Currently, Hamilton Beach holds it’s headquarters at Glen Allen, Virginia in the United States.

  • In-built 12 different options for blending

  • Container size: 40 Oz, dishwasher safe and BPA free

 The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Electric Blender which is well equipped with 12 different blending options, is available with dishwasher safe glass jar which happens to be 40 Oz in size and is known as Amazon’s choice amongst all blenders worldwide. 

This countertop blender is available in two varieties of colours and prices: the black and stainless 58148A model is sold on Amazon at 29.99 $ while the silver model 58149 equipped with 3 chopper attachment is available at price 39.99 $. Thus, quite visibly Hamilton Beach branded countertop blenders happen to be cheapest blenders available online. Hence, named the BEST BUDGET COUNTERTOP BLENDERS!





 Now the Oster Sunbeam brands have become one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of household electric appliances, including blenders. Osler Blender Pro 1200 is another model currently occupying the place of Amazon’s choice for all blenders available online on a global scale and is rated 8.2 out of 10.

  • Pre-equipped with pulse feature for additional control and precision

  • Blade system is bidirectional for raising the power efficiency and speed

  • Pre-equipped with Smart settings technology

  • Speed options available: 7 different speed selections

  • Glass jar material: Boroclass 6 cup glass jar, dishwasher safe

  • Available with additional smoothie cup with brushed nickel of 24 ounces

  • Warranty: Oster 10 year DURALAST all metal drive limited

This Oster Countertop Blender is available with both a blending glass jar made up of Boroclass as well as a smoothie cup made up of brushed Nickel. It has been pre-equipped with 7 different speed options and 3 different Smart control settings.

Besides, it also features one-touch settings and dual direction blades capable of raising blending speed and power. The device is capable of blending a wide variety of food items to complement recipes like Pico Dr Gallo, salsa tomatillo and harvest as well as mango.





The next entry in the list of top 10 countertop blender is from the house of Blendtec. The Blendtec classic countertop blender is known for its easy blending cycles with 1-touch buttons, 4 pre-programmed cycles, pulse function, and 5 different speed manual control with the ability to achieve a variety of textures.

This blender provides you with complete control to adjust your blending speed and texture at any time while blending. This model is also equipped with an LCD which shows blending cycle time remaining.

Not only blending and grinding with this particular blender from Blendtec, but you can also save time and never need to chop, slice or dice in advance of blending.

  • Self-cleaning

  • Tamper Free Jar and Latching Lid

  • LCD Display

  • Blending power

  • Easy to clean

 This model is also equipped with patented Blade which is also said to be 80% thicker than any other blender blade from the same genre. These are Stainless-Steel forged blade, with wings, for amazingly smooth blends, are 10X stronger than any other blender blades. 

With the self-cleaning feature, one can clean blending jar with little soap and water just within 1 minute. The included blending jar is of 90-ounce volume with 36-ounce of blending capacity, ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people.





The Next inclusion in this list is from the house of Elechomes. This machine consists of an instant top speed feature with 274mph, which can reduce the probability of oxidation of trace elements to maintain the quality of food nutrients in the freshest form, making it tasty and healthy and easy to be absorbed as well.

 Moreover, it instantly breaks cell walls of ingredients to release the nutrients completely and also retain all healthy dietary fiber. The force acting behind all this is 1600W strong high-speed motor-controlled blade which has a customized 10 level of rotation speed from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.


  • LED digital display

  • Blending power

  • Easy to use

  • Durability

 This one is also equipped with a food-grade high hardness stir jar without all harmful components like Bisphenol A etc. The blending jar is heat-resistant, anti-acid and alkaline, as well as sturdy and durable. The capacity of 2L can serve the need of many people at a time.

The unique inching design with LED digital display and one step functioning enable faster and more convenient food processing. Other facilities include overcurrent and over-voltage protection, anti-surge capabilities and so more.





The very first one in this list of top 10 countertop blender is from the house of Vitamix. The Vitamix CIA professional series blender considered one of the best countertop blenders for smoothies in the market.

This particular blender is equipped with hardened, aircraft-grade stainless-steel blades with at least dozens of tiny details to give you the best possible morning smoothie every day. The cylindrical shaped 64-ounce blending jar is ideal for blending small to medium batches of ingredients both quantity-wise and shape-wise.

The state-of-the-art motor is very efficient and maintains an even torque and cool temperature even after a long time.

  • Easy to use

  • Self cleaning

  • Variable Speed Control

It is very convenient, even you can control the speed of blender while blending. With easy to control buttons and speed controllers, this Vitamix countertop Blender is one of the prime choices of the users. 

Not only making smoothies and silky-smooth puree, but this blender is also capable of crushing ice to making frozen desserts and frozen cocktails, grinding nuts and coffees and mixing different batters and doughs as well. Along with all this, Best Vitamix Countertop Blender has a unique feature of blending the soup to serving temperature, right in the container, without the stovetop, just by fiction between the blades while blending.





The next variety of countertop blender in the list mentioned above is from the house of Braun. This Braun Pure Mix Countertop blender is known to be more potent for any more exceptional blend variations present in the market. With 1,000 watts of blending power and multi-speciality blades, which allows for fine blending of even toughest ingredients one can think of.

This Best Countertop Blender For Smoothies is the perfect example of durability with intuitive design. While Braun’s metal power drive adds durability and better gear engagement for the perfect blend, it is the best quality rubber coating which keeps the operations to a quieter zone.

  • Easy cleanup

  • Durability

The components of this Braun Countertop blender can be detachable. The easiest way to clean them is to remove the blades, blade holder and jug and cleans under cold water with mild dishwasher liquids. This blender is also known for its convenient and easy to understand features. 

The push of a button lets you choose between Smoothie, Chop or Ice Crush programs, or select from three different speeds and a pulse function for perfect texture every time. The Braun blender also comes with an additional two smoothie cups with measurement marks as well. You can make your smoothie and drink directly from any of them one the go. 





The Last one in the list of best Countertop Blender With Multiple Settings is the Big Boss high speed 300-watt personal blender. The main speciality of this blender is that comes with 15 different pieces for versatile usage. Best Countertop Blender Overall is equipped with a multipurpose, industrial-grade stainless-steel blade and a powerful 300-watt motor, which can turn ice into the snow without seconds. 

All the versatile equipment’s of this Big Boss Countertop Blender includes: three large cups with three comfort rings; the cups are meant for doing all blending and, chopping and grinding works and comfort rings are for those who like to drink directly from jars.

  • 300 watt motor

  • Simple to operate

  • Dishwasher Safe

Other than these, this blender also contains, two sealable lids for storing different foods and ingredients, one herb lid with sliding covers to choose from large, medium and small; two sports lids for easy and spill-free drinking directly from the cups and also one steamer lid for different types of steaming jobs in the microwave. 

Big Boss Countertop Blender jars are about 18oz of capacity each. The versatile, powerful blades can do the chopping, grinding hard ingredients, making puree and gravies, making smoothies, dips, salsa etc. simultaneously with equal efficiency. This is the best choice if you are someone on a hurry and likes having your food on the go.





Now countertop blenders are those where containers rest upon a base which contains the motor which rotates blades. These Best Budget Countertop Blenders includes a container made of either glass, plastic or stainless steel. Whereas glass containers are the heaviest and durable and stable ones, mostly high-grade plastics are used to manufacture blenders in most of the varieties. Plastic containers are prone to scratches and absorb smell of the blended food as well after a prolonged usage. Stainless steel blenders are preferred for its looks only as they are not a right choice for something runs by electricity and limit the visibility of food blending as well. Most of the countertop blenders are a gasket ring at the base where the container and motor housing meets to prevent leaking and spilling of material while blending. Countertop blenders are mostly used to make smoothies, purees, milkshakes etc. 

But what makes blenders any different from other mixers or juices. As blenders are capable and powerful enough of blending fruits and vegetables along with their skin and seeds, the end product is thicker in consistency than juices and contain a lot more fiber and other micronutrients like vitamins and minerals as well. It is a well-known phenomenon that smoothies and purees are way more nutritious and healthier than juices and drinks. And health-conscious people prefer smoothies over juices to become healthier.

Not only the above-mentioned reason, but a countertop blender is also so versatile that it can be handy in bar and restaurants as well. The powerful and multifunctional blades can chop vegetables, ground a large batch of spices, crush ice chunks, make icy cocktails and mocktails, making bread crumbs, coarse grind rice and pulses and so more other than making puree and smoothies. A good investment in the best quality blender and all you need in Kitchen bar will be served efficiently.

Other than these, these countertop blenders are so sleek and compact in design that they add a touch of versatility to the kitchen space as well.

Various brands take a role in the manufacture and sales of different models of blenders online. Obviously, user may henceforth find himself or herself in a fix to what model to purchase and which all models he may need to avoid!? So here are some of the points user needs to bear in mind before buying his or her model of countertop blender:

First and foremost criterion to be taken into consideration is the budget of user and price range of the desired blender. If the blender happens to be too pricey, the user may not be able to afford it. Oster Blender Pro 1200 tagged at 59.99 $ on Amazon, Hamilton beach power electric black and stainless blender tagged at 29.99 $ on Amazon and Hamilton beach with three chopper attachment tagged at 39.99 $ on Amazon happen to be few of most Best Budget Countertop Blender. In case the user happens to be fixated on buying Ninja products, he or she may choose the low priced option like Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja blender tagged at 79.99 $ on amazon in contrast with Ninja professional Countertop Blender which is tagged at 105.02 $ on Amazon.

There is no point in buying a model even if it is a cheap one if it doesn’t last for an extended period or gets spoiled after a single-use. Thus, the user must be cautious enough to check and verify the warranty on the said article and then purchase the same. For example, there happens to be a 10 year DURALAST all-metal drive limited warranty on Oster Blender Pro 1200 countertop Blender model ensuring it’s durability and reliability for a longer period. Thus, the users who prefer to choose blenders based on durability more may go for this brand.

It is immensely important for the user to consider and precisely choose that what for he or she needs to purchase a particular brand of countertop blender. If he or she specifically wants to buy a blender for making cold juices or smoothies, he or she may go for Ninja professional Countertop blenders or Oster Blender Pro 1200.

The user needs to ascertain if the containers and jars available with the model have undergone trials and tests to check for their stability against high temperatures or not. In order to prepare sauces or to blend hot items, it is of utmost need to prefer a brand which can withstand extremes of temperature. Both Oster and Hamilton Beach ascertain that all their products successfully pass the thermal stability check up tests.

The user will obviously need to detach the containers once used and then wash it and place them aside for better maintenance. In such a case, it happens to be extremely crucial for the container design to be able to withstand the chemicals constituting the dishwasher detergent or soap.

BPA is a harmful chemical capable of inducing carcinogenesis in individuals. The user must always conduct a thorough check to make sure that the container is made up of all safe constituents and no harmful chemicals.

The user needs to ascertain that the blender is compatible with different kinds of food items starting from ice cold products to boiling water temperatures, be it fruits or vegetables, jellies or ice creams etc. Oster Blender Pro 1200 happens to be extremely eligible to handle a variety of food items and is capable of making sauces for salsa, soups, smoothies, juices, pastes, purées and more.

Imagine you are waking up around 8 am in the morning and your office or college requires you to report at 8:15 am. What would you do? How will you get ready as well as finish your breakfast at the same time? Wouldn’t it be just more convenient if you could simply have a smoothie or carry juice with you? But for that your blender must function and prepare the required smoothie within seconds rather than delaying you any further. Thus, in such a case the user must prepare the model with most powerful motor base like Oster Blender Pro 1200 which has the peak power of 1200 watts and ice crushing power of 900 watts.

As mentioned before, the following brands play a major role in the manufacturing and sale of household appliances like food processors, coffee makers, toasters, mixers, grinders and blenders. These include:

Ninj happens to be a subsidiary of SharkNinja founded by the current CEO Mark Rosenzweig in the year 1998 in Montreal in Canada. Today it happens to be one of the leading producers of all small kitchen appliances like toasters, mixers, grinders, electric cookers, coffee makers, tea makers and blenders. Two of it’s most widely sold models include Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja sold at 79.99 $ on Amazon and Ninja professional Countertop Blender available at 105.02 $ online.

Oster Sunbeams currently happens to be another leading manufacturing unit of blenders, mixers, grinders and other small kitchen appliances under Allegheny international Inc. since 1981. It’s major model selling worldwide happens to be Oster Blender Pro 1200 with a peak base power of 1200 capable of crushing any food item be it vegetables, fruits or ice cubes with seconds and has a price tag of 59.99 $ online at Amazon. It is an extremely versatile and highly durable model with 10 year DURALAST all-metal drive limited warranty. 

Hamilton Beach is another leading American company which specialises in manufacturing and sales of all small kitchen or other household appliances like food processors, blenders, mixers, grinders, toasters, coffee makers and air purifiers. Hamilton Beach was founded in 1910 by Frederick J Osius. It’s Hamilton Beach Power Elite Electric blender happens to be one of the most widely sold models online within extremely low price range which happens to be 29.99 $ for it’s model 58148A countertop Blender and 39.99 $ for 58149 countertop Blender model. Thus, it happens to be the Most Budget Friendly Brand amongst all countertop Blender models.

Vitamix is one of the leading manufacturer of blenders and other small kitchen appliances. Its models are capable of handling a wide range of food items, be it fruits, vegetables, or even ice. They can help in making smoothies, ice-cold juices, sauces, soups, purées, they can withstand extremes of temperatures efficiently and are made up of long-lasting materials. Vitamix models come with extended warranty offers and are genuinely designed to last for a longer duration compared to other brands. The containers may tend to be automatically cleaning type or dishwasher safe or both depending on the model. Be it at homes or at major restaurants, Vitamix happens to be one of the most recommended brands for countertop blenders.

In the context of hand-held blender vs countertop blender there are few major points which need to be considered. These are-

  • As countertop blenders come with blending container of specific capacities, only that amount of ingredients can be blend at a time. The maximum capacity of a countertop blender jar is around 70oz. These immersion blenders are best when it comes to handling a large batch of ingredients. All you need a big cylindrical container based on the amount you need to blend at a time.
  • Countertops blenders are stationary and cannot be moves from its designated place. But hand blenders can be used anywhere depending on the convenience of the user. Battery-run hand held blenders can even be taken to camping and trekking as well.
  • Using of countertop blenders are easy like a Sunday morning. All you need to switch on the power, add required ingredients in the blender jar, select the desired function and sit back and relax until the work is done. But in case of a hand-held blender, you need to hold and pushed the function button the entire time the machine is working. It is very tiresome when you need to work on a large batch of material.
  • Countertops blenders need a separate place on the kitchen counter near to a power source to function. But as immersion blenders are small and handy, they can be stored anywhere you want. Hand-held blenders are a perfect choice for small utility kitchens.
  • Though hand held blenders are easy to use, but you need to be careful about spilling and splashing of food. Since countertop blenders come with a bowl with lid, the whole operation is much more hassle-free and mess proof.

After considering the major points discussed above, it can be said that both countertop blenders and hand-held blenders are equally convenient and useful in their respective functions along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Each blender you are going to find in the market is different from each other from the aspect. They all have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Then how to choose the perfect one? Along with all their differences, there are some standard strings which determine all the basic features of the blender. And those are the considerations you should look for while planning to buy one. Some of these points are:

  • The first thing to keep in mind is the usage of the blender in your household. If you are single person need a blender to blend some smoothies, then Nutri bullets are the perfect choice for you. But if there is a family of 4, where pre and post cooking assistance of a blender is needed, then a medium to the large capacity of a multipurpose and versatile blender, where you can do from chopping to blending is needed.
  • The capacity of the blending jar depends on the number of ingredients you need to blend. If you need to blend medium to large batches of ingredients at a time, then a blending jar is of capacity 64oz to 72 oz can be the perfect choice for you.
  • The material of blending jar is also another important consideration — materials like plastic, glass and polypropylene. When you are in need to invest in a good countertop blender then always looking for glass blender jar, because those are sturdy, strong, durable and thermal resistance as well.
  • Always look for a countertop blender which has user friendly operations and easy to clean as well.


What is the best countertop blender?

Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja Countertop blender is the best countertop blender.

At last it can be said that there are hundreds and thousands of different countertop blender models are available in the market. Always research thoroughly and compare between different model before investing on the perfect one. Until then… happy browsing! 

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