10 Most-Popular Quiet Blenders which prepares your smoothie silently – No more noise!

Top 10 Super Quiet Blenders which prepares your smoothie silently - No more noise!

Best Quiet Blender 2020

How many times have your children woken up crying because of the loud grinding sound your blender makes. I am sure it must be many times. What about the times your pet dog started barking because of the blender. All of these situations can be easily avoided with the right product, such as the Best Quiet Blender.

Blenders make smart dieting and nourishment planning more straightforward for the greater part of us. Because of innovative headways, there are numerous ground-breaking yet noiseless blenders. Even though a blender can’t run mutely, these blenders fall in the quiet class since you can talk with the blender running.

Noise reduction results from specific auxiliary highlights. One of the highlights that stands apart in the Quietest Blender for Smoothies is the nearness of a protected base. The protection material frequently utilized is rubber. This material assimilates noise from the engine. 

From smoothies and juices to soups and sauces, blenders are the most useful equipment in the kitchen. The sheer assortment of tasty treats, nutritious beverages and sustenance that can be made in a blender is shocking. Also, it’s little, smaller and convenient. 

Be that as it may, why not go above and beyond and get yourself a blender that is additionally calm at work? Let’s be honest, as extraordinary as blenders seem to be, and they can be loud. On the off chance that you have at any point woken your relatives or flatmates up while making your morning protein shake, you need a Best Quiet Smoothie Blender. Not exclusively will it be more straightforward on your housemates and neighbours, yet it will likewise trouble your pets less and won’t give you a migraine.

10 Best Most Quiet Blender Reviews

Though traditionally blenders are characterized to countertop blenders are hand blenders only. Still, with the rising popularity of Quietest Blender For Smoothies, some manufacturers started labelled their blenders as the quiet one. Most countertop blenders are labelled as quiet blenders. There are almost thousands of different brands available in the market who manufactured noiseless blender. Let’s Get into the Quiet Blender Reviews Based on the critics and customers’ on Amazon. Here we shortlisted top 10 Quiet Smoothie Blender from those thousands.

KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender

KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5 Speed Diamond Empire Red Blender image
  • Crushes ice well
  • Easy to clean
  • User friendly

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender

Vitamix 36019 36019 1 Vita Mix Quiet One 48 oz Black Blender image
  • Very quiet
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Use

iFedio Personal Portable Quiet Blender Smoothie

iFedio USB Rechargeable Personal Portable Smoothie Silver Blender image
  • Portable blender
  • Compact Size
  • USB charging

The First name in the list of top 10 Best quiet blenders is another entry from the house of KitchenAid. This Kitchen aid Diamond blender is equipped with a state-of-the-art diamond blending system which ensures that all ingredients blend quickly and efficiently.

Consisted of a robust motor and unique one-piece, BPA-Free specialized diamond pitcher and powerful stainless-steel blades are meant to create a powerful vortex altogether that is fast and thorough for exceptional blending results. The advanced Intelli-sensor motor control is meant for sensing the contains and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients.

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Clean-Touch control panel

  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control

  • Diamond Blending System

This KitchenAid quiet blender for Smoothies is equipped with 5 different pre-programmed functions to choose from. These programs namely Stir, chop, mix, puree or liquify, can do a lot of job like chopping vegetables, making spice blends, making smoothies and puree with equal ease and efficiency.

The Pulse mode feature of this Quiet Countertop Blender can work with all speeds for a hassle-free and homogeneous blending, while the crush ice feature pulses at precise intervals for optimal ice crushing results. With all above-mentioned features, this KitchenAid quiet blender also consisted of a specializes slow start feature, where the motor starts at a lower speed at the initiation of a blending cycle as to bring the ingredients near to the blade, before started rotating to the selected speed.

With all the feature and noise-cancelling capabilities, this KitchenAid Diamond blender is considered as one of the best quiet blenders below $100




  • Powerful
  • Active design and brushed nickel finish
  • Multipurpose functions
  • Crushes ice well
  • Easy to clean
  • User friendly operations
  • 60-ounce blending jar
  • Very much affordable than any other noise cancelling blender


  • Not found

The next inclusion in this list of Top 10 Quiet Smoothie Blenders is from the house of Vitamix. Though Vitamix Blender The Quiet One is one offers a quiet, reliable, and robust commercial quality blending function which is worth every penny you paid.

It also uses an insulated sound enclosure to help reduce the noise, and as the enclosure is kept in place with powerful magnets, this Quiet Powerful Blender also helps to create an even better deal. Other than this, the blender also comes with a 48 oz polycarbonate container, which is sturdy, durable and shatterproof as well.

  • Versatile

  • Easy to use

  • Blending power

  • Easy to clean

This power pact Vitamix blender is also equipped with 6 different programs labelled 1 to 6; to choose from. This blender is also having a dual-mode pulse function and a speed-up and speed-down function to choose.

The state-of-the-art LED displays also shows the program is chosen and the remaining time to end the program. This Vitamix Quiet one blender is much larger and heavier than any other Vitamix blenders.




  • Very quiet
  • Commercial quality blender for home use
  • Variable six speed program


  • Large and heavy than any other average blender
  • It is on the pricy range

The iFedio Portable Quiet Blender is awesome, and BPA free so you can utilize the blender with complete, true serenity. However, that isn’t all. It is chargeable by USB, implying that it very well may be connected to a power pack or charged in the vehicle, making it the ideal backup while outdoors or voyaging.

This Quietest Blender for Smoothies is little in size and extraordinary for the individuals who are looking to clean up the kitchen or who have a small sustenance readiness zone and extra room. The best thing about this model is that the entire item is waterproof and can be washed to keep it clean.

  • Professional Blender

  • Compact Size

  • Pleasant taste

  • BPA free

  • Single Serve blender

  • Newest 4 blades

  • USB charging

  • 304 stainless steel

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Portable blender

This quiet smoothie blender can be discarded with a slip-safe structure, and without BPA, for grown-ups as well as for your infant, and it very well may be spotless and safe.

It is a blender for non-harmful natural product juices, and you can get delectable squeeze securely, building a steady and dependable base material, a versatile blender with a non-slip suction cup. This is the body of the cup for the blender. It is straightforward and impervious to erosion.

The main plan component that you will find disturbing is the base mounted charging port. Not exclusively would this be able to be hard to find on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea where to look, yet it implies that the product should be on its sideways to charge? Thus, this means the cup and base unit ought to be both spotless and dry before you charge, so you don’t make a wreck.




  • Comes with the newest version of 4 blades
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • The blender is non toxic and BPA free
  • Can make smooth juices and drinks


  • Can be small
  • Difficult to locate USB charging port

The Fourth one in the list of top 10 quiet blender is from the kitchen appliance giant Hamilton Beach. This blender is equipped with powerful 1500 Watt/ 2.0 peak HP and hardened, stainless steel blades which work through hard ingredients in seconds.

Due to this feature is Hamilton Beach blender can crush ice and any other frozen ingredients way faster than any blender from the same genre. The removable insulated polycarbonate quiet shield dampens and reduces the noise to a noticeable extent during the blending process.

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Easy to clean

  • Blending power

  • Easy to use

This particular Hamilton Beach Quiet blender comes with 4 different functions to choose from. These functions include smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup after every time. The Variable speed dial provides complete control over the equipment.

This includes 32 oz BPA free, blending jar is strong, sturdy and shatterproof as well. This model of quiet blender is also Included a tamper, which fits through the lid to help blend dense ingredients with ease. The blender jar, lid and tamper are all dishwasher safe as well.




  • Clean setting allows for easy and hassle free clean up
  • In-built pulse function can work in any speed
  • Includes a tamper for easy muddling of hard and frozen items


  • May be get louder sometimes than expected

BendTec blenders are built to the highest professional standards with 80% thicker and 10x stronger blades than any other from the similar genre. This Quiet Commercial Blender is said to be so powerful that no tamper/plunger needed.

This is the perfect example for a professional-grade countertop blender with 1-touch timed and pre-programmed functions for smoothies, shakes, soups, crushed ice, juicer, ice cream maker, mixer, and self-cleaning.

One can use these programs to make anything from smoothies and whole fresh juice to cappuccinos, soups, margaritas, bread dough, sauces, dressings, and many more. The Pro 800 is also capable of achieving 3.8 peak horsepower under laboratory conditions as well.

  • Low Noise Level

  • Blending Power

  • Easy to clean

  • Self Cleaning

The BendTec Professional 800 blender operates at 11 different speed controls. You can control this blender with ultimate precision and control, by simply sliding finger up and down the control panel. One-touch interface is meant for easy cleaning and quick blending, with an LCD countdown timer for consistent results each time.

This powerful Quiet blender also Includes a BPA-free and impact-resistant patented Wildside+ jar with extra-wide base. The blending Jar is of 90 oz volume jar with 36 oz blending capacity (wet or dry). BendTec Sound Enclosure makes the blending process quieter in the home and in highly crowded shops.




  • Precision and control with an 11-speed touch slider and pulse function
  • Convenient LED display
  • Includes a sound enclosure to reduce the sound level
  • Six different pre-programmed cycles
  • Sound dampening and airflow innovations
  • Can handle frozen ingredients and ice with ease


  • Limited availability
  • High price range

The Sixth one in the list is from the house of Jamba. The Jamba quiet shield blender is known to be significantly quieter than the majority of the other blenders from the same genre. the particular Jamba blender is equipped with a sound enclosure over the blender container to help dampen and reduce the noise level while blending.

The Jamba Quiet Blend Blender also offers powerful performance and adds versatility as well in the kitchen countertop with pulse function, variable speed control, and the patented quiet shield for blending without the loud noise associated with traditional blenders.

  • Easy cleanup

  • Durable

  • Dishwasher Safe

The powerful 1.6 peak horsepower motor lets you blend, crush, grind, mix, chop, and puree, all with the simple turn of the dial. This PowerPact Quietest blender is all famous for creating nutritious smoothies, creamy shakes, sauces, nut butter, and many more with the same ease and convenience.

You can elevate the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet by making a lot more whole juices and green smoothies. A custom tamper is included for muddling thick or frozen mixtures. This blender also comes with a 32-ounce jar with easy to read measurement marked. The jar is shatterproof, sturdy and dishwasher safe as well.




  • Four prong stainless steel blade and pulse mode
  • High power motor
  • Custom tamper mode for efficient blending
  • Comes with a 20-ounce travel cup with lid
  • Sleek and convenient design, can fit almost anywhere


  • Size may be not big as expected
  • Pitcher does not have ant handle

This expert VAVA Electric Countertop Blender VA-EB018 is Best Quiet Personal Blender for pounding ice. This blender cum sustenance processor is ideal for enormous families where an immense amount of nourishment preparing is required. 

This expert blender by VAVA accompanies resistive heat container and hardened steel sharp blade edges crosswise over 6 unique planes making a vortex for the best of best smoothies and shakes and solidified blended beverages.

The 51 ounce of the limit of the glass container for this Best Most Quiet Blender is ideal for making shakes for enormous families. As the containers are of glass and not plastic, it can withstand hot temperatures and can process hot fluids.

  • Firmer Glass Jar

  • Heavy Duty

  • Glass Pitchers

  • Positioned Off-center blades

  • Dynamic Vortex

  • Noise reduction

  • 1.4 HP industrial strength motor

  • 10 dB

  • Variable speed control

  • 3 pre-programmed cycles

  • Non-slip rubber feet

  • 51 ounce glass pitcher

  • Easy to clean

It comes with 8 cutting sharp tempered steel blade edges crosswise over 6 distinct planes in the container which will guarantee that no residues are left and you get the ideal steady consistency in the smoothies. Vava has taken extraordinary consideration of your ears as well.

It is a blender that works at 1.4 hp of the solid engine, does each work discreetly with the noise of under 10 db which is relatively much less than different items in the market. This expert blender accompanies auto and manual speed settings. A dial for manual setting of the speed and 3 auto preset catches for different speed acclimations to mix each material, be it organic products or ice or espresso beans or veggies to impeccable powder or fluid.




  • It comes with dishwasher safe parts except base
  • Very noiseless
  • Can be used for heavy duty tasks
  • Has non slip pads


  • Can be difficult to use
  • Can overheat at times

The next one on the list of Top 10 best quiet blender is from the house of Optimum. This Powerful quiet blender, is consisted of a specialized vacuum technology which is meant to remove the air from the container before each blend automatically, thus reduces oxidation and preserve nutrients. 

One can blend ahead of time and enjoy the same quality and taste as you would get from a freshly blended smoothie even after an hour or so. This Optimum blender is also equipped with a powerful 2,238-Watt motor with Optimum VAC2 which takes it to the next level than other blenders on the market. This motor of this Best Quiet Blender is so powerful that it can crush whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, ice like it is whipping cream.

  • Vacuum Technology

  • Heavy duty tamper tool

The versatile 2 Liter BPA-free Jug, which is included with this blender comes with hammer-forged 100% stainless steel blades, which can achieve over 15 functions in 1 appliance! The custom-designed in-built bearings minimize the heat generation, and the high speed of the blender allows optimal performance in seconds, enhancing shelf life and reduces oxidation as well. The manufacturer also comes with a 30-Day Free Trial (Money Back Guarantee) along with 10-year motor, 5-year parts and labour warranty with 24/7 access to Optimum’s expert support team as well.




  • Powerful 2238-watt motor
  • 2 liter of blending jar
  • 15 different functions to choose from
  • Heat output is minimum
  • Noise reduction is also noticeable
  • 10-year guarantee on motor


  • Very much expensive
  • Post-buying customer support is not up to the mark every time

The next name in the list of a best quiet blender is again from the house of Hamilton Beach. This is another overwhelmingly high-technology blender, with the state-of-the-art and Hamilton Beach patented “wave action system” in which the blender motion pushes the particles down to the blades for thorough blending.

There are no chunks left unblended at the end of a blending process in this Hamilton Beach quiet blender. Another major feature present in this particular blender is the Auto-blend technology, which causes the blender to stop once the liquid inside reaches the perfect consistency automatically. Along with hundreds of pre-programmed cycles, it is also equipped with a USB port for future programming.

  • Automatic Shutoff

  • One Touch Sensor Blending

  • Wave Action system

This blending machine consists of a 3 HP powerful motor which makes the blender fast and efficient at the same time. The 64 oz food-grade safe, stackable blending jar is sturdy and durable and easy to clean as well. The insulating polycarbonate quiet shield also reduces the noise output while blending to a notifiable degree. 

Along with the features mentioned above, this machine is equipped with highly advanced sensors, which makes it even smarter and more efficient. The in-built jar pad sensors are so advanced that it turns off the motor when the container is not in place to reduce any “wear and tear” from misuse. 

The powerful Quiet Shield Sensor turns off the motor as well when the operator lifts the Quiet Shield. the unique airflow baffle technology consistently circulates cool air around the motor, to keep it cool and to prevent water ingress, leading to longer blender life.




  • Wave-action technology
  • One touch sensor for better and efficient functioning
  • 3HP powerful motor
  • The unique airflow muffler and dual fan, keeps the motor cool
  • In-built USB port for future programming
  • Noise output is very low


  • Some areas are hard to clean as all the parts are not removable

The last but not the least inclusion in this list of a best quiet blender is from another home appliance giant Black+ Decker. The Black+ decker power crush quiet blender is known to invent and utilizes a new quiet technology which helps to reduce the noise the blender makes greatly. It has equipped with a 4-Tip Quad Pro Blade technology and a powerful 900-watt motor, so it can tackle just about anything in the kitchen.

  • QuietCrush Technology

  • Dishwasher-Safe

  • Easy to clean

  • 3 Smart Settings

Along with traditional glass blending jar, this personal blender also comes with accessories including a personal plastic jar for smoothies on the go. Powered with 3 different speed setting, including a pulse function and 3 pre-programmed functions makes it very versatile and convenient for the user.

To increase the convenience, this blending jar lid comes with a sprout for easy and hassle-free pouring of the drink. The sleek and trendy design can fit almost everywhere in the kitchen countertop and adds versatility to the room as well. And not only these, but you can also get your hands on this super quiet blender at a price below $60 as well.




  • Up to 40% quieter than other blenders
  • Constant flow and vortex for better blending
  • Powerful motor that can crush frozen ingredients with ease
  • Includes a personal jar for smoothies on the go
  • Includes three pre programmed functions
  • Removable parts are all dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


  • Must take apart the base every time it needs to be cleaned
  • For full power, you have to hold down the pulse setting

Traditionally blenders are divided into two large categories. One is the basic countertop blender, and the other is the hand-held or immersion blender. But now with technological advancements, third categories of blenders are coming to the surface. Some calls that a noise-cancellation blender or in another term the quietest blender. It was not even a thing a few years back said maybe 5 to 6 years ago. Still, nowadays most of the people choose a slightly expensive Best Quiet Blenders over traditional ones as many of the great traditional blenders are extremely loud while functioning. Now that as blenders are considered as one of the primary kitchen appliances, of course, you cannot do away with it. So, what options do you have now? Many companies have cottoned to this issue and invented a solution in forms of Quiet Blenders.

A generic countertop blender consists of a housing, a motor and a container. In this type, the container is designed to circulate the inside material rather than only spinning around. Most of the blenders have a speed setting between 3 to 16. In low powered blender, water or any other kind of edible liquid is needed to blend the food uniformly. In these blenders, the liquid helps the food material moves around the blender jars, thus making contact with the blades. The blades make a whirlpool like movement in the material which moves them from top to bottom, ensuring even contact with the blade. This whole mechanism is capable of making a homogenous mixture of solid materials. In the case of high-powered blenders, this will blend grains and crushing ice without any assistance of any liquids.

Now as the saying goes, with high power comes little disadvantages too. Like any other electrical appliances, blenders have their drawbacks as well. One of the primary obstacles of a blender is the noise problem. The noise produced by some blender is so loud that it can even hinder the usage of its’ use daily. 

Blenders are great for the days when you are on the hurry and don’t want to miss your early dose of PowerPact breakfast before you leave home. But there may be other people in the house, who are not that efficient to wake up that early. Or a baby is sleeping in the house whom you don’t want to wake. Here you can feel the need for a quiet blender. The quiet blender is made that way to reduce the noise level so that it will not disturb others around you.

There are mainly two ways manufacturers cut the noise level produced by different blenders. Whether they can dampen the sound produced by the motor housing of the blender or can seal the sound just by putting the blender container inside an insulated plastic jar, some companies go to the next level and use this method to reduce the noise level to more extent. But one thing you need to keep in mind that quite blenders are not completely silent. They are just made that way to reduce the sound level only. Keeping the power to low and operating the blender at a low speed can also reduce the sound output of the blender.

For a good quality blender, the size of the motor is an essential aspect of consideration. Not only the size, you need to keep in mind the power of the motor used in the blender, before investing in one. You are always going to need a powerful motor in the blender, which will not heat up while crushing ice or blending smoothies or purees. An average kitchen blender comes in 300 to 600 watts. For better and effective performance, one should always invest in a blender which equipped with a motor which power will be around 1300 watts.

The pulse feature of the blender is another important characteristic one should look out for. The pulse feature comes handy if you have plans of making a lot of smoothies and other frozen drinks as this feature will allow you to stop and crush different ingredients before you power on the motor. 

  • While looking for a Super quiet blender, the first and foremost feature one should check is how effective the noise cancellation system is! The most common wat top lessens the noise is the inclusion of an extra canister over the blending jar to reduce the noise. Optimizing the airflow and using rubber mounted components also helps in reducing the noise output in some cases.
  • Never compromise with the power for getting noise reduction features. Always go for a blender with a minimum 1000 watt of energy for efficient blending every time.
  • A portable and lightweight blender is always much more desirable than a large heavy-duty blender. 
  • This Most Quiet Blender has to be user-friendly and versatile at the same time. Having pre-programmed settings for smoothies, shakes and purees is always convenient and also reduces the time needed to set up the machine as well every time before functioning.
  • Another important feature one should look out for in a blender is how easily you can clean and maintain all the components. All the components of a blender must be detachable and dishwasher safe as well.  
  • Another important consideration one should look out for is that the materials which make the components of the blender is food grade safe and properly certified.

Though we all wanted a noise free blending operation every time, but the budget does not support it. In that case, here are a few tips, using which you can reduce the noise output of your blender to some extent- 

  • Moving a blender away from wall, about 2 inches can help to reduce the noise output, as the sound will not bounce off the wall in an enclosed space.
  • Placing the blender on a dish towel or a silicon mat can also help in reducing the sound, as some of the noise produced by the blender will absorb by the towel itself
  • Also, one can buy the sound enclosure separately to place over the usual blending jar


Which blender is the most quiet?

KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender is the quietest of them all.

Is there such a thing as a Quiet blender?

Yes, there is such a thing as a Quiet blender

What is the Quiet Blender rotating speed?

105 mph is the Quiet Blender rotating speed

At last, it has to be said that a thorough researching about different models and comparing similar models in the same price range is the wisest way to invest in a particular one until then. Keep browsing! If you want more information on any product mentioned on this page, you can leave a comment below. We will soon update you. Thank you.

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