Most-popular Waring Blenders in 2020 – From light to heavy-duty, choose what you want!

Most-popular Waring Blenders in 2020 - From light to heavy-duty, choose what you want!

Best Waring Blender Reviews

Whatever you wish to make – smoothies, blender drinks, coffee drinks, soups or blending foods, all these can be done effortlessly using the Waring commercial blender. If you want to run a restaurant or cool bar,Waring Heavy Duty Blenders are the best choice. It has larger capacity and can be used for making up to 40 to 50 drinks a day. With ultra strong stainless steel blades and highly powerful motor, there is nothing the Waring commercial blender can crush down to deliver to ultra fine blending results. It can blend anything easily and quickly. You can use the Waring professional blender to blend frozen fruits veggies or dry fruits to obtain velvety smooth texture. Even Though the blender is meant for commercial use, it has got user friendly controls and is easy for anyone to operate it.

Blending is serious business. Blenders that can’t stand up to the highest standards of power, performance and precision just don’t cut it. Waring has been serving up kitchen equipment solutions for the foodservice industry since 1937. Waring has become synonymous with leading-edge excellence in an industry that insists on product innovation to maintain the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.No other manufacturer has such a long tradition of fusing classic quality and durability with the latest technological advances than that of Waring.

This article deals with the best Waring Blender reviews so that you can decide easily which one is right for you.

10 Top Rated Waring Blenders For Sale 2020

Waring 7" LIght-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender

Waring WSB33X 7-inches Light Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender image
  • 12-quart capacity
  • Reliable
  • High Efficiency

Waring 10” Medium-Duty Quik Immersion Blender

Waring WSB40 10-inches Medium Duty Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender image
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • NSF certified

Waring MX1000XTX 64 oz Commercial Blender

Waring MX1000XTX 64 oz Commercial Blender image
  • 3.5 horsepower motor
  • 64-ounce capacity
  • Durability

The Waring WSB33X immersion blender is perfect for quick, light-duty applications, such as puréeing fruit or whipping up eggs in a shallow bowl or pan. Its 7-inch fixed shaft and aggressive stainless steel blade design works quickly, while the lightweight, ergonomic construction is easy and comfortable to use. It get many positive Waring Blender Reviews from all users.  

  • 2-speed high-efficiency motor

  • Lightweight

  • Blending powe

  • Easy to clean

The waring blender is newly designed and has all purpose stainless blade. The blender comes with a high efficiency motor with 2 speed. The waring blender is perfect for all lightweight commercial applications. The blender comes with 1 year warranty and has 12 quart capacity. 




  • The blender has 3-gallon, 12-quart capacity
  • The blender comes with 6′ cord and 3-prong plug
  • The blender has great flexibility and reliable performance


  • The waring blender is not as powerful as it states
  • Cleaning becomes a task near the blades which eventually leads to a goey material deposition

The waring blender easily purée, whip and emulsify ingredients easily. This medium-duty immersion blender has high and low speeds along with a rubberized comfort grip for safe and controlled operation.

  • Easy to control

  • Lightweight

  • NSF certified

It’s all-purpose, stainless steel blade and shaft is easy to clean and lightweight, while its 1/2 HP heavy-duty motor revs up to 18,000 RPM. The blender is backed by 1 year warranty. The blender has 6-gallon, 24-quart capacity.




  • The blender has 10″ fixed shaft
  • The waring blender comes with a rubberized comfort grip which makes it easy to hold
  • The blender has all-purpose, stainless steel blade


  • The waring blender is not durable as it is made up of poor quality material
  • The waring blender makes noise and tends to vibrate while in operation

The MX1000XTX Waring Commercial Blender has plenty of power for the money. With a heavy-duty 45,000 + RPM Motor and 3.5 peak-input HP, you will have plenty of power from your Waring Commercial Blender to complete just about any task.  This Commercial Waring Blender is at least 15-20% more quiet than other blenders in its class.

  • Easy to clean

  • Durability

  • Ultra-aggressive stainless steel blade

With the improvements made to this machine, we are comfortable to say that this blender has become very competitive with brands like Vitamix, Blendtec, and other leaders in the industry with a very impressive price tag. The Waring MX1000XTX Commercial Hi-Power Blender is exactly what bartenders need on their side when it comes to preparing drinks for customers in extremely busy restaurants and bars. Dishwasher safe jar with removable jar pad for easy cleaning




  • The waring blender has simple paddle switches which makes it easy and quick to switch between high and low speeds
  • The 3.5 horsepower motor of the waring blender is capable of 45,000 RPM and sets it apart from weaker blenders
  • This waring blender machine is heavy-duty, equipped with an unbreakable 64-ounce Raptor Jar made of BPA-free copolyester


  • The waring blender makes too much of noise while in operation
  • At 18 inches, this waring blender is a taller and bulkier blender, which will take up more space than the average device
  • There are just the two speeds and the pulse function – no frills
  • The plastic container and gasket can leak sometimes

Featuring outstanding blending performance with its 1 HP motor, the Waring BB320S commercial blender is the best commercial blender. It has two speed/ pulse electronic keypad which is user friendly and convenient to use. This powerful blender is designed in such a way that it is very easy to clean. The blending jar has a larger capacity of 48 Oz.

  • 1 HP commercial motor

  • Blender jar with 48 Oz. Capacity

  • Tough stainless steel blades

  • 2 speed/ pulse electronic keypad

  • Limited two years warranty

  • cETLus, NSF certified

  • Rubberised jar pad

  • Stainless steel jar

  • 120 Vac, 60 Hz

The stainless steel blades are tough and strong enough to crack down frozen fruit, ice etc to prepare icy drinks or smoothies. You can make up to 49 drinks in a single day using the Waring commercial blender. The blender jar has rubberised pads thereby reducing the noise and you can remove it easily for cleaning purpose. The Waring commercial purpose blender is NSF certified and has a limited warranty of two years. 




  • Amazing performance
  • Faster blending
  • Reliable
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting


  • Bit pricey

The Waring commercial Xtreme blender is a high power blender with a capacity of 64 ounce. It has a powerful motor with 3.5 peak horse power. The container is made of copolyester and is BPA free and unbreakable. The container has removable cap through which you can add ingredients. The Waring commercial Xtreme blender consists of 4 reprogrammable beverage stations for efficient blending outcome. The ultra strong stainless steel blades are perfect for blending any tough ingredients to obtain fine results.

  • Four reprogrammable beverage stations

  • BPA free copolyster container

  • LCD display with blue backlights

  • 1500 watts

  • Three years warranty

  • 64 ounce capacity

  • Variable speed and time selections

The variable speed and time selections allows you to control the blending precisely. From preparing shakes to smoothies to desserts, all these can be done perfectly using this Waring commercial Xtreme blender. The LCD display panel with blue backlights makes it easier for you to select the programs. This high performance blender has a power rating of 1500 watts with 12.5 Amps power. The motor is backed by a warranty of three years. 




  • Larger capacity
  • Ultra aggressive blades
  • Perfect blending results


  • Noisy

The Waring CB15 features a 3.75 hp motor capable of three speeds and pulse blending to ensure the best mix and texture in each beverage. The Slow Start blending mechanism helps break down larger foods before fully blending them, and the durable die cast base features a removable jar pad for easy cleaning.

  • 3-speed selection

  • Easy to clean

  • NSF approved

  • Durable

This Waring blender also features a vinyl lid and two handles which allow you to blend large quantities of ingredients at a time. Additionally, its unique cloverleaf shape makes it easy to pour and serve. The durable, 1-gallon stainless steel container means business with two handles for carrying and pouring, and lid clamps for security.




  • The waring blender has Ultra heavy-duty 3.75 HP commercial motor
  • The waring blender has 3-speed selection and MAX PULSE to chop and mix
  • Easy-to-clean and easy-to-use electronic membrane keypad are key features of the waring blender


  • The waring blender is expensive
  • The customer service is poor and does not provide immediate support

This Waring Chrome Bar Blender whips up a variety of your favorite drinks and smoothies right at home. The 40 oz. carafe holds enough for a crowd.  The waring blender has powerful 350 watt motor which crushes ice fast. The waring blender has option of high speed and low speed which can be used for chopping, mixing and pureeing.

  • 350-watt motor

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Blending power

  • Durability

The glass jar and lid are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  The waring blender comes with 5 year motor warranty and 1 year warranty. The blender measures  16-1/2 by 8 by 7 inches.




  • The waring blender is perfect for any bar, and can crush ice at ease
  • The blender can chop, mix and is used for pureeing easily


  • The blender tends to leave oil traces which is basically machine oil
  • The blade of the blender is made up of plastic instead of metal

The Waring immersion blender WSB50 is a heavy duty 12 inch immersion blender which can perfectly blend the tough ingredients to create sauce, batters or soups. It is made of stainless steel and the handle has a rubberised grip so as to handle it comfortably. The stainless steel shaft is of 12 inches which can be easily separated for cleaning and is safe to use in dishwasher as well.

  • Rubberised grips

  • 750 watt motor

  • 18000 RPM

  • 120 V, 60 Hz power rating

  • NSF, cETLus and ETL certified

  • 12 inch shaft

  • 10 gallons capacity

  • One year warranty

This Waring immersion blender has a blending capacity of ten gallons. It is incorporated with 750 watt motor and offers variable speed with a maximum processing speed of 18000 RPM. The Waring immersion blender needs a power supply of 120 volt, 60 Hz. The product is NSF, cETLus and ETL certified and has a limited warranty of one year. The Waring commercial Immersion blender is suitable for heavy duty blending jobs. It works efficiently and is long lasting.




  • Very powerful
  • Extended warranty
  • Comfortable handle
  • Reliable performance


  • Noisy if the shaft is not connected properly

The Waring commercial blender BB300S is a powerful blender with 1 HP commercial motor. It consists of tough stainless steel blades which can easily crush frozen fruits and ice. This Waring stainless steel blender is relatively simple to operate and there are switches provided from which you can select between HI, LO or pulse. As there are rubberised jar pads, the blender does not emit much noise.

  • 1 HP motor

  • Stainless steel jar with 48 Oz. Capacity

  • Removable rubberised jar pads

  • Two speed motor

  • 120 Vac, 60 Hz

  • Two years warranty

Smoothies, shakes, and other blended drinks can be easily prepared using the Waring BB300S commercial blender. With it’s powerful motor, this blender can deliver great power to blend all the tough ingredients. The blender jar is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 48 Oz. Thai commercial purpose blender is suitable for making up to 49 drinks a day. The Waring commercial blender has a warranty of two years. 




  • Easy cleaning
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Simple controls


  • Expensive

The waring blender is perfect for light-duty commercial applications, this unit features easy-to-use controls and a stainless steel container to help the user quickly prepare blended drinks. Its two speed settings provide versatility, allows the user to process a variety of orders with just one blender. Its motor design, the unit operates with less noise than other units.

  • 32-ounce capacity

  • BPA-free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • 2-speed motor

  • Durable

The jar features a cover with a removable, clear cap, you can add additional ingredients during the blending process.The unit operates with a rugged, one-piece blade to easily cut through ingredients. The container is made of stainless steel, providing the durability needed to withstand your busy, commercial kitchen environment.




  • The heavy-duty die-cast motor housing offers great stability with noise reduction during use
  • The stainless steel container accommodates up to 32 oz. of product. It's perfect for bars, coffee shops, cafes, and other businesses that blend 1-25 drinks per day


  • The plastic casing around the blade melts and the blade gets jammed making it unusable
  • The bottom does not thread easily with blender canister

Since 1933 when the Oster company introduced the blender to the world, it’s considered to be an essential kitchen countertop appliance. Initially, the blender was created for mixing alcoholic drinks and frozen desserts, but in the last several years it’s taken on a new role as the means for improving diet with fruit or vegetable smoothies and juices.

The build quality of a blender corresponds with its price. The more expensive, high-end blenders, are designed and built to last for years. On the opposite end of the scale, budget blenders ($50 and under) aren’t made well enough for long-term use, and their motors tend to burn out after a year or two.There are many varieties, sizes and shapes of blenders, and deciding which one is right for you can be confusing. The type of blender the user chooses will depend on what the user wants to make and how often the user plans to use it. Frequent use for blending smoothies, juices, nut butters, soups and sauces. These blenders are more advanced than the occasional-use blender and can handle a wider range of food and drink processing tasks. In this category Waring Blender Reviews list. 

The type of blender that you need depends heavily on the environment where it will be used. For instance, making smoothies all day will require a completely different blender than making only a few margaritas per night.

There are a lot of different blenders out there with a lot of different types of blender jars. Some of the features may not be relevant to the user’s business. The material of the jar needs to be considered and should be BPA free. Stainless steel jars are durable, easy to clean, and great for foods of different temperatures but don’t offer the transparency of other types. 

If the user will be making one serving at a time, a smaller 32 – 44 oz. capacity may be better and save the user money on the purchase. If the user needs to prepare large amounts of blended foods at once the user will want to consider a larger jar. Waring blender offers models with jars up to 128 oz. in our bar blender lineup and units topping out at 832 oz. in the food blender category. 

Most of the larger blender jars will have handles for easy lifting and carrying but some of our smaller containers come without handles for easier washing, stacking, and storage.

More power isn’t always better. Once again, it all comes down to the user’s application. If the user needs to make thick smoothies or milkshakes all day, user will definitely need a unit with more power

There are several types of blender controls for you to choose from: electronic, programmable, and toggle or paddle controls. Each version has their own benefits and an application where they work best.

It is vital to clean properly and maintain each piece of equipment and supply in restaurants kitchen or at home on a regular basis and immersion blenders are no different. A dirty immersion blender can prevent the blade from properly blending as well as contaminate the food. Below are a few simple steps to care for the immersion blender to ensure its prime performance during every use.

Clean It:

After each use thoroughly clean the motor body and blending shaft with a mild detergent. Wash with hot water and rinse with warm water for optimal cleaning. Thoroughly clean interior and exterior stainless steel components to dislodge any and all food residue.

  • On Waring blenders, clean and sanitize the plastic motor housing before initial use  in and after each use. Furthermore, many Waring Immersion Blenders have completely sealed stainless steel shafts that make them dishwasher safe. 
  • Unplug It:To eliminate the risk of electrical shock, unplug the appliance before one cleans it. When one is done using your Immersion Blender make sure to unplug it and store it somewhere safe and clean
  • Do Not: Do not immerse the motor body of the immersion blender in water
  • Keep hands, hair, clothing, and utensils away from blade and mixing container while operating the Waring Immersion Blender to prevent the possibility of severe injury to persons and/or damage to the Immersion Blender. A spatula may be used but must be used only when the unit is not operating. Avoid contacting moving parts
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to the nearest Waring authorized service facility for examination, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment
  • The use of accessory attachments not recommended or sold by Waring for this specific model may result in fire, electric shock or personal injury
  • Do not use outdoors
  • Do not let any cord hang over the edge of the table or counter. Do not let cord contact hot surfaces, including stovetop
  • Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
  • Blade is sharp. One should handle carefully
  • When mixing liquids, especially hot liquids, use a tall container or make only small quantities at a time to reduce spillage and possibility of injury

The Waring Immersion Blender is intended for use in restaurants, large kitchens and small companies when mixing and liquefying. One can operate directly in the pot to mix everything from soups, stews, creams and salad dressings to pancake mixes, pastes, sauces, mayonnaise and much more. For nurseries or for special diets use the blender to prepare purées of vegetables, porridge, fruit creams, etc. 


1. Plug unit into outlet. 

2. Plunge the Immersion Blender into the pot. Do not submerge more than ¾ of the shaft length. 

3. The Immersion Blender has 2 switches. The safety switch is located on the top of the handle and the power trigger switch is located on the inner handle. To start unit, press the safety switch and the power trigger switch simultaneously. The safety switch will need to be pressed only once to start the unit.One do not need to hold down the safety switch for the unit to continue running; the unit will remain on as long as the power trigger switch is depressed. 

4. Select the desired speed, Hi or Low, by using the switch on the top handle. 5. Angle the Immersion Blender slightly and start to stir only when the blade is immersed. Keep the blade off the bottom of the pot so that ingredients will not be sucked up by the vortex action. 6. Remove the Immersion Blender from the pot only after blender has come to a complete stop.


How to take apart a Waring immersion blender?

 Steps to take apart a Waring immersion blender:

    1. The blender should be turned off and unplugged. 
    2. Put on gloves to shield hands from sharp blender edges. 
    3. Evacuate the neckline around the base of the blender holder by turning it counterclockwise. 
    4. Open up your customizable wrench and spot the jaws around the coupling. 
    5. Turn the wrench clockwise to extricate the coupling.
How much is a Waring blender?

Waring blender prices have varied ranges starting from $57 to $1032.

How to clean a Waring blender?

Steps to clean Waring blender:

    1. To clean the unit base, unplug the force line. 
    2. Wipe the outside surfaces with a delicate fabric or wipe them with cleaning arrangement.
    3. Wash with clean water. Try not to submerge the base in cleaning arrangement or water.
How to fix a Waring blender?

A  Waring blender can be fixed by-

  1. Remove the jar.
  2. Unscrew the base.
  3. Depending upon the issue at your hand, fix the problem with respect to the broken motor, faulty power cord etc. 
How to install a new Waring blender?

A new Waring blender can be installed by-

  1. Place bowl on base housing.
  2. Place a spout facing front between the two raised projections.
  3. Place the basket inside the bowl over the hex nut.
  4. Place a cutter blade inside the basket with teeth up.
  5. Tighten spring clutch finger-tight or snug.
  6. Insert the filter inside the basket and open the filter so that it covers the inside perimeter of the basket
  7. Place cover on bowl with feeder chute to right rear and turn it counterclockwise to secure 
How to use a Waring immersion blender?
  1. Insert the head into the shaft before turning it on.
  2. Based on your requirement, turn up or  turn down the speed capacity.
  3. Blend your required items by spinning the blender through the shaft for a thorough mixing.

The Waring commercial blender satisfies you with perfect blending outcome as well as heavy duty performance. Hope this all Waring Blender Reviews, features,Pros and Cons so that you can choose the best one.

The user has got a lot of choices when it comes to blenders. Which one will work best for the user, one has a lot to do with what one intends to use it for and how often one will be using it. Many customers that splurge on higher end models are pleased they did and feel strongly that the extra cost is worth it, but many who don’t use their blenders as frequently or only put them to simple tasks are just as happy with the more affordable brands. If the user knows what one needs and expects from the blender one should be able to find a model that satisfies.

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