Which Blender Should I Buy Breville BSB510XL Or BSB530XL?

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The importance of immersion blenders cannot be overstated. As these can be used in a variety of ways. You might use them to mix your favorite smoothie, whip up some egg whites for breakfast, or make the perfect soup. They are also great for blending sauces and dressings without all the mess! The food processor is the most common choice for these tasks, but it can take up too much space on your countertop, while an immersion blender takes up virtually no space at all! Immersion blenders are one of the most important kitchen tools for any serious cook. If you are confused to choose between Immersion or All in One blender, We will speak in detail about Breville BSB510XL and BSB530XL here. Just go through it and choose the perfect one which meets all your kitchen needs.

Breville BSB510XL vs BSB530XL Features & Specs

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender imageBreville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Blender image
Basic ComparisonBreville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion BlenderBreville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station
Dimensions7.5 x 6.2 x 12.4 inches11 x 7.5 x 11 inches
Weight3.8 Pounds5.8 Pounds
Power Wattage280 Watts280 Watts
Immersion Depth8 Inches8 Inches
Speed Settings15 options, Adjustable15 options, Adjustable
Program Settings8 options15 options
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Jar25oz (3 cup), 42 oz Extra Large Jug54oz Food Processing Bowl
Time DisplayNoNo
Illuminated ButtonsYesYes
Whisk AttachmentYesYes
WarrantyOne year limited warrantyOne year limited warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip & Breville BSB530XL All In One – Key Differences

The current craze in kitchen gadgets is the immersion blender. They are affordable, easy to use, and will turn any dish into a gourmet meal. Immersion blenders have been around for a while now, but they pick up steam as more people realize their usefulness. Breville offers an amazing range of blenders for each budget. Here we have the two most popular kitchen blenders from Breville which are Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender and Breville BSB530XL All In One Processing Station. Both these immersion blenders offer flawless results. Make sure to check Breville BSB510XL vs BSB530XL comparison guide before you buy one.


Breville BSB510XL and BSB530XL have been designed and fashioned by experts to make the user experience the best. These are very compact and condensed making them portable and less spacious. Our team found it exceptionally easy to store and use. We could easily shift it from one counter to another based on our current needs.

Both Breville BBL605XL and BBL620SIL have a whisk attachment, a jar with a lid, a container body in which the mixing and blending can be done, and a separate beating attachment for mincing and chopping. The jar and container have measuring markings for the convenience of the user. Whereas Breville BSB530XL contains additional food masher and grater attachments.

Controls / Display / Timer

With 15 variable speeding options and eight different immersion depths, you can make and bake anything you desire. All these control settings can be managed easily by the easily accessible buttons for these different functions on the sleek body of the immersion blender.

Unfortunately, we do not have a timer and a display for these, but based on our personal experience, we can assure you that you do not need these two. As the controlling options are very handy and readily available, users never feel the need for having a timer or a LED display for the system.

Container Technology & Capacity

Breville BSB510XL, in addition to the container, has an extra-large jug along with the lid. This feature is absent in the Breville BSB530XL immersion blender. So, the Breville BSB510XL container capacity is around 25oz, and the extra-large container included in the set has a capacity of 42oz, which is crazy good.

On the other hand, Breville BSB530XL just has a container that has a fairly decent capacity of 42oz. Both the immersion blenders can help prepare drinks for around two to three people in one go with this capacity.


A motor with a power of 280 watts is installed in both Breville BSB510XL and BSB530XL for an exceptionally good user experience. With this motor power, you can easily grind, whisk, beat, chop, mince, etc., relatively less hard and cook items with no troubles at all. This does not even cost you much but meanwhile suffices all your basic needs, which otherwise would need a ridiculously expensive heavy-duty food processor.

Speed Settings

Both Breville BSB510XL and 530xl have adjustable speed functions. We have around fifteen-speed options for each. Based on what your task is, you can change the intensity of the speed you want for the term. The more the speed, the more will be the whisking and beating. So, you get a grip on it once you start using it yourself and understand the things and functions better.

Noise Level

These Breville immersion blenders make minimal noise while functioning. There are exceptionally fair user ratings on various e-commerce platforms regarding the same noise level feature. Compared to other regular blenders and food processors, these immersion blenders have remarkably low noise levels to avoid any disturbances.


Breville BSB510XL and BSB530XL both have a one-year limited manufacturer warranty attached to them. The warranty will include only internal dislodgments of function or structure. Any harm caused to the external body of the immersion blender on the user’s hands by either misuse or any mishap will not be included in this one-year limited warranty.


After a thorough scrutinization of both immersion blenders, including Breville BSB510XL and BSB530XL, our team has concluded that both these Breville immersion blenders are really good. Each will serve its purpose very efficiently and effectively. However, while reviewing, we found that BSB510XL is relatively lighter than BSB530XL and more portable. As a result, it takes up much less space on your kitchen top.

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