Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender – Portable enough to carry with you anywhere!

Hamilton Beach 51101av Review 2023

Smoothies are something that has become the main driver of our healthy lifestyle. One can’t imagine not having one after a workout or during breakfast. Most of us prefer taking it on the go, given how much time we usually lack. Sometimes, we can also be very lazy about preparing them. The most of this laziness comes out of taking out the heavy blender and then plugging it in to make a proper smoothie. Now we are going to discuss about Hamilton Beach 51101av Review, with pros and cons.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Details

Most of us hate using blenders and prefer just not having smoothies at all because of how heavy they are mostly. This is where lightweight smoothie blenders come in handy. People who live alone and cook for themselves appreciate them the most. Single serve smoothie blenders like the Hamilton Beach 51101av Travel Blender are great to have in small kitchens and busy lifestyles. Any blender like this will fit perfectly with upbeat and fast life we have and how we don’t have time for eating mostly.


  • Compact design
  • Powerful blades
  • Easy blending
  • Portable components
  • BPA free build

1. Compact design

The compact design of the Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender is what has made it so popular since it was launched in the market. It has been designed as a Best single serve blender which means it can very easily fit in small kitchens as well. Unlike most blenders that come with two separate containers, this one has an edge and is perfect for people living alone. You can do the prep in smaller portions as well, according to your need.

2. Powerful blades

The small size of the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender should not fool you at all. It is equally powerful as it is small because of the powerful stainless steel blades that have been built into its design. You can either use the same blades at low power or at ice crushing power for smoother results. Both modes will give you different results in terms of consistency. The basic mode will provide you with much coarser results as compared to the other one.

3. Easy blending

One-touch is all you need to blend something in the Hamilton beach travel smoothie blender. Most blenders that you get today have a lot of add ons for the indication of when the smoothie is done. With just the push of a button and a few churns in the blender, whatever you are blending will be done in a few minutes. There are no programs already set for particular types of food items, but you can still make things like dressing, etc., by customising yourself.

4. Portable components

As mentioned in Hamilton Beach 51101av Review, it is very portable and best as a travel blender. You can take out the jar it comes with after you are done blending and put a lid on it to take it with you. It is one of the best options for people who love having smoothies etc. for breakfast but don’t have time to sit and have it. This way, you will eat fresh even if you are in a hurry in the morning or otherwise.

5. BPA free build

One thing that concerns anyone today is that whatever plastic they use, should be BPA free no matter what. It is a justified demand which has been fulfilled by Hamilton beach 14 oz blender. The jar that comes with it for blending is made of BPA free plastic and not glass for durability reasons. This Best Blender For Protein Shakes is dishwasher safe so you can throw in the components in the dishwasher without worry of them getting any scratches or anything else.



  • Brand : Hamilton beach
  • Model : 51101AV
  • Dimensions : 5.2 x 4.2 x 11.9 inches
  • Weight : 1.8 pounds
  • Colour : Black
  • Container capacity : 14 oz
  • Motor power : 175 watt



The Hamilton Beach 51101AV personal blender is made out of BPA free plastic.


Yes, Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender blenders are good for their working and ease of usage.


It is best to let the jar soak for a while and you will see that nothing will stick to it.


It is suggested to chop up the vegetables before putting them in the blender.


It has a mode for smooth blending called ice crushing mode but it doesn’t actually blend ice.


So this is the complete Hamilton Beach 51101av Review, hope it is helpful for you to know more about it. The Hamilton beach 51101AV is one of the best Travel Smoothie Blender For Money you would be paying for it. It is anyways very affordable to buy, but above that, the convenience factor it brings in to the kitchen is what makes it popular with buyers.

Along with that, if you buy it, it will be very much responsible for making your lifestyle healthier than it was before. You will be eating healthy through all the smoothies you will be blending in it. Even the components are BPA free, so that is again a healthy change from all the bad plastic we usually use in our homes or outside. It is a powerful blender and not at all what it looks like. The powerful motor it is equipped with is responsible for delivering perfectly blended smoothies to you. A simple touch of the pulse button will get it going and make it stop as well. It is that easy with it.

Hamilton Beach 51101AV Matte Black Personal Smoothie Blender image

This is one of the best blenders for protein shakes, given how it works. You can prep up one after every workout you do and get all that energy back in you. Most people prefer buying this Best Small Blender For Smoothies than the other bigger ones because you can whip up a smoothie or protein shake and just put a lid on the same jar to take it on the go. It can become you on the go breakfast as well. There is still a lot more than you can make in it, everything from salad dressing to even a soup mix. It is made for all the experimental bachelors.


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