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Hamilton Beach 56205 Review 2020

Apart from a reasonable price, what do people expect from a blender? They expect perfect smoothies. They want puree mixtures and drinks to turn out smooth each time. And last one thing, people also like to pour the smoothie into the glass without doing any mess. All these things are possible with Hamilton Beach smoothie blender 56205.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Details

With this Hamilton beach blender, one can prepare the best smoothie every time just by pressing the button that is auto-smoothie. It is perfect for blending smoothies; this Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart blender allows you to have the right consistency for what you are looking for. The Hamilton Beach 56205 personal blender has a wave-action system; it gives out smooth mixtures because the ingredients are pushed into the blades forcibly. It is also included with a pulse feature which will allow you to slice and chop the ingredients before you blend them. Hamilton beach personal smoothie blender’s design and color match perfectly well with any kitchen cabinets. Now Let’s get it into the Hamilton Beach 56205 Review without any delay.

Features and Details of Hamilton Beach 56205 Blender

  • Perfect Smoothie
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Wave action system and Warranty
  • Design and Durability
  • Blending Drinks and Processing Food

it is the best blender for smoothies and ice. 69% of users say that they prepare smoothies occasionally or frequently, they use a blender to make a smoothie. Hamilton Beach 56205 makes the Smoothie as easy as possible. It is very easy to operate, all you have to do is just press ON button and choose PULSE cycle program to crush ice cubes. Then it will switches automatically to LOW speed to mix followed by the last spin on a high-speed setting, finishes the Smoothie in just 45 seconds and shut off automatically. All this is possible just with one click of a button.

it is very simple and easy to use this blender. It is easier than doing many actions in their proper order, and it is not necessary to all these things. Just with a single press, you will get a perfect smoothie within 45 seconds. If you want to make the blender set ready, then push on/off Button. The light beside the ButtonButton will start blinking, but the machine will not start. The machine will not work if some other buttons are pressed first instead of on/off Button. Now select your desired speed. This blender has inbuilt 45 seconds unique smoothie cycle. It is also convenient and versatile to use in non-smoothie times. Dishwasher safe lid, blades, and jar, so it is very easy to clean. Using a sponge or damp cloth, wipe control panel, cord, and blender base. If there are any hard or stubborn stains, clean it with a non abrasive, mild cleaner.

Looking through the Hamilton Beach 56205 Review you may know that its Wave action system is one of the best features of Hamilton Beach blender 5620. This wave action pulls all the ingredients down into the blades for giving smooth texture every time. So, it is not necessary to stop and mix for every spin. This Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender has a 3 years limited warranty period from the original purchase date. This Warranty is not applicable for filters, any wear-off while using, and glass.

With its great design you can make a perfect smoothie for breakfast or dessert. It is included with five blending features like ice crush, pulse, puree, and mix. Its action in crushing ice is excellent because of 700-watt power and ice Sabre blades. It has a powerful and durable motor that has a capacity of blending around 8000 frozen drinks. It makes all ingredients move in the jar instead of spilling all around the kitchen.

There are a lot of things you can do with this blender. Here are a few drinks to blend with this blender: fruit smoothies, frozen drink, and a milkshake. Change the settings according to your requirements. Processing food is also possible with this Hamilton blender like baking chocolate, chopped vegetables, coffee beans and many more.

Specifications of Hamilton Beach 56205

Specification Name Value
Hamilton Beach
Reference number
Product name
Smoothie blender
Product dimensions
10.3 * 7.3 * 12.9 inches
Item weight
7.7 pounds
Ideal usage
Frozen drinks, smoothie, crusher
Cleaning features
Dishwasher safe
700 w
Jar material
Base material
Wave-action system
Pulse feature
Shipping weight
7.45 pounds
3 years
Release date
February 29, 2012


  • Powerful ice crushing
  • one-touch smoothie
  • Auto Smoothie button
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy-clean smooth touchpad


  • Assembling blades are easy
  • Perfect for making smoothies and margaritas
  • Pulse feature
  • In-built cord storage
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Relatively Quiet


  • Easily breakable glass jar
  • The machine is a little bulkier as it is designed with in-built cord storage.
  • Low-powered blender

Bottom Line

So this is all about Hamilton Beach Blender 56205 Review, now its time to choose the perfect one of your choice. It is the perfect blender for making smoothies and frozen drinks which takes only 45-second to make and you don’t have to wait for much time for cocktail or breakfast time. This Hamilton Beach 56205 Personal Blender has a round black colored smooth base with electronic controls. The 40-ounce glass jar has a spout so that you can pour easily without dripping out. Overall, it has good quality and best suited for the people who frequently need frozen drinks and smoothies.


How to assemble Hamilton Beach blender 56205?

Hamilton beach blender 56205 can be assembled by-

    1. Flip around the blender container on a level, strong surface. 
    2. Spot the cutting edge over the blender container opening. 
    3. Turn the elastic gasket and cutting edge gathering clockwise to make sure about set up. 
    4. Line up the container markings with the engine base and drive into place. 
    5. Plug in your Hamilton Beach blender and use.
How to clean hamilton beach 56205 blender

Hamilton beach 56205 blender can be cleaned by
Pour a few drops of dishwasher and water inside the container.
Turn it on.
Let it run for a few seconds, few minutes if required.
Pour out the lathered water and mix again with fresh faucet water.

How do you use a Hamilton Beach 56205 blender?

A Hamilton Beach 56205 blender can be used by-

  1. Set the jar into place on a blender base.
  2. Plug cord into outlet.
  3. Put ingredients in jar; place lid on jar. Place your hand on the lid when blending thin liquids.
  4. Process food or beverages. 
  5. Turn blender off and wait until blades have stopped rotating before removing the jar.
  6. Lift the jar straight up to remove.
Can this product available in different colors?

No, only black color is available.

What is the wave-action system do in this blender?

It pulls all the ingredients down into the jar.

Does it crush ice-cubes?

Yes, it can crush ice.

Hamilton Beach blender 56205- versatile- durable- easy to use and clean- dishwasher safe parts- perfect for making smoothie- 45-seconds smoothie setting- no-mess spout for avoiding dripping- wave-action system- pulse feature- powerful motor- glass jar- simple electronic controls- black color- smooth base- 3 years limited warranty.

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