Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender – Ensures smooth results everytime you blend!

Hamilton Beach 58149 Review 2023

Detoxifying your body is one of the newest trends the world is following for quite a few years now. And to find solace and achieve the healthiest body they dreamt of since long, and people started to rely on smoothies. The basic difference between a smoothie and a regular fruit or vegetable juice is that the former one consisted of all the fiber portion of the fruit and vegetable, unlike in regular juices. Primarily it was like a regular habit for many smoothie loving people to order and get their daily quota of smoothies from take away shops. But eventually, these commercialized foods do more harm than good. They not only cut a fair share from the monthly budget, but the preservatives in them also harmful enough to makes you weak.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Electric Blender Details

And from the point of view, the idea of making smoothies in-home emerges. And the primary and also the only appliance you need for that is a blender. Now, when you are talking about blender or any other kitchen appliance, the only name crossed our mind at first is the Hamilton Beach Blender 58149. There is no such appliances have been made since today, where this particular manufacturer does not excel. However, the particular Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender And Chopper model we are going to discuss here is not only a mere blender. However it is extremely efficient in multitasking and also comes in an attractive price range. Now having a great capacity kitchen appliance by your side is always charming, and with its ability to take up all the hard work, cooking becomes more enjoyable and a fun-filled affair. But what makes this Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender different from the others? To know the answer to this question, all we need to do is refer our complete Hamilton Beach 58149 Review.


  • Several blending functions
  • Stainless and rust-proof blades
  • Unique adjustable speed and wave action technology
  • High capacity blending jars
  • Powerful motor.
  • Noise-free
  • Compact in size.
  • Easy and convenient to use.

1. Several blending functions

The first feature you should know in this Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender And Chopper Review is its Blending Functions. It is comprised of 12 different blending functions, which are meant to make our life much easier. From making milkshakes to dice different vegetables, from making puree or salsa to grind ice to snow-like consistency, nothing, literally nothing, is impossible for this blender. Considered as one of those few blenders present in the market, at this point, which are capable of working with 12 different types of settings and consistency of food, this particular one can beat any high-end blenders with no time. Moreover, due to the separate chopping bowl along with the specialized curved blade, chopping and dicing of different types of vegetables become easier.

2. Stainless steel and rust proof blades

The efficiency of any blender or food processor depends on two vital features; one is the motor capacity, and the second is the type of blades being used inside the jar. On the second parameter, this particular Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender With Glass Jar is pretty advanced, as the in-built blades are made with strong and durable stainless-steel material. As blenders have to deal with a lot of water and different types of raw fruit and vegetables, not so good quality blades tend to go through oxidation and develop rust and staining on themselves. But as this stainless-steel is made rust-resistant, there is no chance of developing such things, and that eventually increases the shelf-life of the blades itself.

3. Unique adjustable speed feature with wave action technology

along with 12 different chopping and dicing and crushing and blending options, this particular Hamilton Beach blender also comprises a pulsing feature with two different speed settings. This particular feature enables the user to choose between high or low-speed settings, according to the consistency of the food they want. Along with these features, the Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender is equipped with advanced wave-technology, which pulls down every particle of food to the blades for a more precise and fine blending.

4. High capacity blending jars

the included blending jar with this particular Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender With Glass Jar is made of glass and can make smoothies and purees up to 40 oz. Now jar material concerned as a glass is considered as the safest material for food, as these do not react with any food components. The 40 oz size, may not seem so large, but it is pretty sufficient for making smoothies for a family of 2 to 3. Along with the blending jar, a separate chopping and dicing bowl included in the final packaging, which can Chop and dice up to 3-cups of vegetables at a time.

5. Powerful motor

For a blender such compact and small in size, the in-built motor is undoubtedly pretty powerful. Comprises of a 700-watt motor, this motor in this blender is so powerful that it can crush ice to fine snow-like consistency within seconds. With the combination of the motor and the equally powerful blades, the crushing of seeds are seemed easier for this particular Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender And Chopper.

6. Noise-free

most of the people complain about the noise it created when talking about blenders. Though for some patrons, the noise comes out from this particular Hamilton Beach Blender 58149 power elite blender may seem a bit louder, but this undoubtedly noiseless than most of the high-end variations from different manufacturers.

7. Compact in size

this particular Hamilton beach elite power blender is literally a petite one, with a minimal footprint. It is not bulky and takes up very little space in the kitchen top. Moreover, with its black and grey combination, it looks pretty good with almost any type of kitchen d├ęcor as well. Apart from having a composite size and a glass blending jar, as this particular blender is surprisingly lightweight, some people even carry it in their luggage, whenever traveling

8. Easy and convenient to use

apart from being such a powerful machine in such a compact and petite size, this particular Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is extremely easy and hassle-free to use. Comprises of only 5 buttons, between which all the different speed settings and other variable speed control functions are distributed, all the functions are neatly mentioned besides the individual buttons as well. Based on a plug and play mode, anybody can use this particular blender, right after it came out from the box.



  • Manufacturer : Hamilton Beach
  • Model : 58149
  • Dimension : 8.7 X 8.5 X 14.7 Inches
  • Product Weight : 1 pound
  • Color : Black And Grey
  • Motor : 700 watt
  • Pitcher Capacity : 40 oz
  • Chopping Jar Capacity : 24 oz
  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited Warranty



The Hamilton Beach Power Elite is better than Wave Power.


The wattage in hamilton beach Power Elite blender model 58149 is 700 Watts.


Finally it is all about the Hamilton Beach 58149 Review, hope you find it helpful. For people on a budget, the Hamilton Beach 58149 elite power blender can be the perfect choice by all means. It is small and compact yet extremely powerful. Boasts with plenty of interesting features, everything is easy and achievable by this Blender. From dicing to chopping to grinding, blending, and grating, there are no such things that exist in this world of cooking, which cannot be done this particular blender with equal efficiency and precision. Other than its technicalities and other internal features, the design is also very simple, and with minimal footprint, it does not take up a lot of space on the kitchen countertop as well. Like any home or kitchen improvement products, this particular one has its advantages and disadvantages as well and a pretty large area for improvement as well. Still, for a blender in this price range, this particular one from Hamilton beach is pretty satisfactory and efficient by all means.

Hamilton Beach 58149 Power Elite Multi Function 40 Oz Glass Jar Blender image

The Hamilton Beach 58149 power elite blender is a small and compact size Countertop blender, suitable for making smoothies for 1 to 2 people at a time. Comprises a 40 oz glass blending jar and a separate 26 oz chopping bowl, which not only makes the food prep job easier but extremely precise as well. It comes with 12 different modes so that you can make milkshake, puree, dice, chop, smoothie, ice drink, easy clean, and many more. The Hamilton Beach 58149 power elite blender also comprises two different pulsating modes for a more precise selection of the consistency of the food. Asa all the jar and blades and bowl are dishwasher safe in the blender.cleaning them afterward is not a hassle as well.


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