Features to look for a Blender – Complet Buying Guide

The bigger concern in all this is that blender would be the right one for you. Many prefer to use them, but most of us get confused when it comes to buying one. All blenders are not the same because of the different purposes they are meant for. Hence, defining your purpose and knowing which one is the right fit for your kitchen is important. It is why we have Kitchen Blender Buying Guide for you.

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Kitchen Blender Buying Guide

The specific features that any blender has are what define its purpose for you. Once you know the features that any particular blender has, you can see which are more important to you and decide based on that comparison. 

Size of container

Every blender has a container that has a defined size to it. You will be able to blend that particular quantity only in that container. Therefore, the amount of food you usually blend at once has to match the capacity of the container. If you prefer smaller batches, then a Personal blender would be good for you. Otherwise, you can go to bigger ones. 


Speed controls are extremely crucial in a blender because that will define the consistency of the food you can blend. More control options mean that you define the consistency yourself rather than the machine doing that as well for you. It also becomes easier to use the blender with more controls at hand.

Type of control

Every blender doesn’t have the same type of control system. Some have a dial which you turn and use the blender while others have touchpad control as well. The choice between these options will depend on what is more convenient to you. Cleaning the blender is also a factor that is usually considered here because dirt usually gets trapped between these buttons and switches. 


The power that any blender is equipped with defines how well it will perform. Although, that is not always the case. Good power is much needed along with a good blade assembly, that’s when you have the perfect blender. Despite that, you can go for any blender between 500 to 1000 watts given it has good features otherwise. 


Warranty in any electrical appliance is more important than anything else. No matter how good of a blender you buy but a defective product can really mess things up. Also, a longer warranty period assures you that in case any emergencies arise, you have something to fall upon.  


The materials with which the blender has been built is extremely important to look at. The container especially should be BPA free plastic because it can be harmful otherwise. Stainless steel blades are another must-have here. 

Different Types of Blenders

The types of blenders that you get are defined based on their function and size. As you move towards blenders with more features, you will also see that their price increases alongside. Hence, defining your budget becomes important here. 

Premium blenders 

This category of blenders is something you would find with a professional or in a commercial kitchen. They can do a lot more than simply blend food for you. Most of the time, it is the power that they are equipped with, which makes them useful in a scenario where you need to crush or blend hard vegetables or even ice. If you wish to have one of these, you have to have a flexible budget because they easily range anywhere between $300 to $1000. 

Personal blenders

If you are into drinking smoothies etc. on a daily basis or wish to take things on the go, personal blenders are the perfect thing for you. They are cheaper than most blenders you will find and do the job just right for you. Hardcore blending is something that they are not meant for, but they are extremely convenient given you can just take their container out and take it where you need to, with a lid on it. People who don’t wish to invest too much in one appliance can go for a personal blender.

Immersion blender

These are like your Hand blenders, where you directly put them into the food you wish to blend. They are extremely convenient to use because you can fix them near your kitchen counter itself or where you mostly do the task in your kitchen. Their blades are exposed, so that is the best option for you. Quick blending is something that Immersion blenders do well. 

Conventional blenders

These are the type of blenders we usually use, and most kitchens have them only. They can easily do low power requirement blending tasks and are usually not very expensive as well. You can still find models in them which have more features than just simple blending. Some can very easily compete with the premium blenders, even on a low budget. You just have to find the right brand and the right model.


Blenders are something that we use in our kitchens for anything and everything. Our kitchens wouldn’t possibly function right without them in it. For some, it might not be as useful as well, but it is a must-have appliance if you wish to make prepping easy for yourself. Time-saving is the biggest benefit of having a blender on your counter. 

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