Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 Blender – Serves well for both Families & a Single!

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender Review 2023

Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 Blender Black is ready to serve all your Nutrition needs. As it has the amazing ability to extract foods, it makes tasty beverages in no time. This high-performance, mid-priced, Smart hands-free blender breaks all Nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables into silky Smoothies. The NutriBullet RX features a 7-minute heating cycle so you can make hot soups, sauces, and warm liquid refreshments. Magic Bullet Mini Blender RX N17 has a 1700 watts ultra-powerful Motor, which lets you make nutrient-rich soups, smoothies, and sauces.

Are you looking for a best-in-class Nutrition Extractor? Then NutriBullet Rx is the right option for you. As we all know, adding healthy and fresh fruit juices and smoothies to your diet makes your day more lovable. Now let us take a look at this Magic Bullet Review to decide whether buy Nutri Bullet RX N17 or not.

NutriBullet 1700-Watt Blender Overview

This compact and professional mini Blender will add a new glow to your kitchen counter. When it comes to making easily digestible smoothies, sauces from plant foods and nuts, nothing can beat RX N17 1001’s performance. The NutriBulletRx comes with an all-new heating function for creating warm, delicious, nutrient-rich soups and sauces that your whole family will love.

With an extraordinary 1700 Watt Motor and Sleek extractor blades, Nutri Bullet RX N17 breaks down all ingredients to add the hidden nutrients to your drinks. All you have to do is take a sip to improve your fitness and energy levels. With this fantastic Kitchen appliance, you can make all your favourite things like smoothie, soups, sauces, and Dips in No time.

Maintaining a Fit and Healthy Body can be a tough challenge for all fitness freaks. Many of us make the wrong choice while choosing Best Blender to fulfil all needs. So we are decided to provide the complete NutriBullet Review so that you can decide without any doubt.

NutriBullet Rx N17 Blender for Sale

This Nutribullet’s 1700 watt Powerful motor lets you tackle all the Tough job with its amazing power base. With the Magic Bullet Mini Blender RX N17, you can easily blend up to 0.88 liters as it comes with a set of amazing and Unquie features.

Some of those are High-Torque Power Base, Extractor Blades, Souperblast Pitcher With 2-Piece Lid, and Different Size Cups. This Best Ciyu Fits into your Kitchen’s Theme with a sleek black finish. The NutriBullet Blender RX N17-1001 comes with 10 piece set and 7 heat cycling techniques for making soups, Sources, and Smoothies. Magic Bullet RX N17-1001 doesn’t have any on/off switch, plungers, speed and time settings.


  • Stylish Design & Nutrition Extractor
  • Power
  • Heating Functions
  • Hassle-Free Cleanup
  • Optimized Nutrient Extraction & Noise level
  • Versatility
  • Smart Technology
  • Price & Warranty
  • Nutribullet Recipe Book and User Guide

1. Stylish Design & Nutrition Extractor

This Compact size Nutribullet RX and You can place this beauty in any corner of the kitchen which attracts everyone with its stylish looks. Unlike other Smoothie Blenders, it uses the smart technology that makes your blending easy without any efforts.

The Nutrition Extractor of this Appliance will break down all the ingredients added in the Jar. So you can get all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals in Cellular level which is easy to absorb by your body. If you are about to start a Weight Loss Diet and searching for the Best Blender for Green Smoothies, RX N17 is the perfect choice for you.

2. Power

NutriBullet RX N17 Comes with a unique High-Torque Power Base of 2.3 horsepower. So you can start making most delicious Veggies and fruit-based drinks for your loved ones in no time. As you can efficiently Operate this Mini Kitchen Appliance as it is available with revolutionary hands-free SMART Technology. All you have to do is choose your ingredients and enjoy the optimal nutrition drink as it starts automatically, extracting your smoothies within time.

3. Heating Functions

Unlike all other Appliance in the market, this Quiet Magic Bullet Mini Blender Comes with Soup-Making Mode and a 7-minute heating cycle. Yes, Just with a Simple Button touch you can create fresh, piping hot, nutrient-extracted soups for all your cooking needs.

Just with a simple press on G-Button which is located on the front, you can activate the 7-minute heating cycle for making hot Soups.

4. Hassle-Free Cleanup

Unlike all other Blenders and Juicers, Cleaning and maintaining this Small Magic Bullet Blender is Simple and easy. You can use your Dishwasher for cleaning this appliance or hand wash it. All you have to do is place the cup on the Dishwasher Top shelves and let them dry. Not to forget, the NutriBullet Cups and lids are dishwasher safe so you can try washing them in that manner.

5. Optimized Nutrient Extraction & Noise level

The SMART Technology and optimized Extraction technique offer super blast soups. With one sturdy turbo extractor blade, you will get the exclusive cyclonic action for making the nutrients more bioavailable.

Like every other blender on the market, this RX N 17 will also make some noise. It depends on the Ingredients that you need to Blend, grind or pulverize. If you are using it for smoothies, then you need not to concern about the noise.

6. Versatility

This Personal Blender fulfils all your needs while preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It comes with three different sizes of jars to make food for your whole family. Moreover, the lids that used to close the container keeps your food fresh for later use. Its oversized cup made for blending smoothies, where the superb last is for soups. And, the smoothie cup, with a two-part lid vented is to let out steam.

7. Smart Technology

This Feature makes it more unique and Awesome for all fitness freaks. Yes, It comes with a Smart Technology which turns with Right RPM and Stops at right Intervals for a predefined time. As the Nutribullet RX is now re-programmed to provide all these smart actions. No Need of any On/Off Button, Lengthy Cords, Speed and Time setting options. After the blending process, it will stop the cycle, providing the best smoothies for you to enjoy.

8. Price & Warranty

According to us, the price is fair enough for a blender with this many options. To say, the patented nutrient extractor and the strong motor it possesses add value to the money you spent on it. If you are searching for Best Blender under 200 Dollars then this one is a perfect pick for you. NutriBullet has given a one-year limited warranty. So you can get services from Magic Bullet in case of any trouble during this period.

9. Nutribullet Recipe Book and User Guide

Yes, Now you can get the Free Booklet with your Smart Kitchen Appliances. The Guide provides complete information and safety instructions for using the NutriBullet Rx N17 in your Kitchen.



  • Brand : NutriBullet
  • Model : N17-1001
  • Dimensions : 15.2 x 15.2 x 13.1 inches
  • Product weight : 14.74 pounds
  • Color : Black

RX N17 Nutribullet Recipes

Healthy Green Smoothies

Compared to other appliance in this category, Nutribullet RX Comes with a powerful twist-on blade and High Torque Motor. So you can easily blend the green vegetables while making green smoothies. With this Best Blender for Smoothies, you can pulverize the veggies to a creamy, luscious texture.

Frozen Smoothies

Also, you can make delicious frozen drinks with this Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 Blender Black. So, add your frozen fruits followed by liquids and blend it. Now its time to make a treat with a chilling and awesome smoothie with this Nutribullet.

Basic Smoothies

Not only the leafy green smoothies or chilling smoothies, but you can add vegetables in this Magic Bullet Blender. Like, you can serve your kid’s delightful colored sorbet, using the dark-colored fruits in the Kitchen appliance. In this way, you can keep your family healthy and fit.

Energizing Smoothies

To keep oneself or others fit and healthy, you need to consume more and more nutritious foods. So, replenish yourself by adding the energizing smoothies, which is packed with loads of fruits & veggies that are full of carb, proteins, and calcium.

Simple and Hot Soups

Comes with a 7 Soup Cycle option so that you can easily make soups and sauces of your choice. Add veggies with broth or water along with some herbs to get a beautiful and silky smoothed soup for your meal.


This Nutribullet Blender can help you to serve dips which are easy to prepare. Magic Bullet Blenders would be great to choose for your kitchen as they can handle a variety of foods.


Making the lemonade is such a frustrating thing you can do wuthto do. But, to say, it will be tricky to blend the lemons for lemonade. Put a bunch of lemons and blend with water and sugar. Wow, your tangy and tasty lemonade will be ready to serve in seconds.



Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 blender can be operated by plugging in the power cord, turning it on and switching the ON button provided on the body of the blender.


Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 blender is 1700 Watts


Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 blender can be used by –

1. Add your ingredients for blending.
2. Choose the blender cup you want to use.
3. Place the prepared ingredients into the cup.
4. Place the lid with the correct blade tightly on the cup.
5. Place the cup on the Power Base.
6. Press down on the cup to turn it on and release to turn it off. Hold or lock the Magic Bullet in place if you want pureed food.
7. Remove the cup from the base and unscrew the lid.


I am Sure no other Appliance will beat the Magic Bullet RX N17 Blender when it comes to Compactness. Yes, Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 Blender Black takes little place on your Cooking counter. This Most Powerful Nutrition Extractor will never disappoint you with its performance as well.

No need to buy an expensive one for making hot soups and sauces. Because 7 Minute heating functionality of this Magic Bullet blender will tackle all your needs. You can also get Nutribullet recipes book to make delicious concoctions in your home itself.

Now the ball is in your court, whether to buy it or not. I am pretty sure that you will absolutely LOVE this blender. Hope you find perfect smoothie Soulmate with our Magic Bullet Blender Review.

NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Black Blender image

All-together, Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX N17 1001 Blender is a great product which comes with many special features. It perfectly serves for both single or families. If you are satisfied with its functionalities, check out the price and grab this unit now on Amazon at the best price.


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