Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500W Blender – Easily operable for multi-purpose!

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Review 2023

It is quite difficult to find the best immersion blender because its path in the market is wide particularly if you are of nil knowledge about this product. One such best immersion blender we came across is Mueller ultra-stick immersion blender. Mueller Austria immersion blender is a reliable and sophisticated handheld blender that matches to your cooking. The Mueller ultra-stick 500 hand blenders have managed to survive and break the competition with its powerful performance and ergonomic design. The high performance of this Mueller Ultra-Stick Immersion Blender is because of its powerful blade that makes your ingredients blend well.

Mueller 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender Details

It is the best handheld blender that is used for multiple purposes and has a beautiful amazing look. This versatile machine is handy for each person useful in every preparation and makes his/her task easier and comfortable in the kitchen. With this Mueller Austria 9-Speed Multi-Purpose Blender, whisking or blending is very simple than earlier techniques. It has a detachable head so that if you want, you can replace it with a whisker. Therefore, this Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender is flexible in whisking juice, soups, or eggs. In this Mueller Austria ultra-stick 500 review, you will know in detail about this blender so you can perfectly decide whether to purchase this or not.

Product features play a major role in making decisions on whether to buy or not. Features are also important for a product to decide its position. So, let us now discuss some important features of this blender that make it the Best Heavy Duty Hand Blender. The detailed description of these features and complete Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Review is given below


  • Multi-purpose blender
  • Variable Speeds and Controls
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Exceptional quality and versatility

1. Multi-purpose blender

The Mueller Ultra-stick 500 hand blender is a multi-purpose blender, and the cooking process made with this blender gives an absolute pleasure. You can prepare various smoothies, salsa sauces, batters, pesto, batters, whipped cream, tomato purees, soups, and butter. It is also great at making cocktails. You can also chop with this machine effortlessly. Within a few seconds, you can prepare anything with this best handheld blender. The best hand blender review says that it is the Best blender for milkshakes.

2. Variable Speeds and Controls

This Mueller Austria immersion blender offers you with 9 variable speeds. So you have the freedom to make use of these available 9-speeds based on your need to blend anything like smoothies, baby’s food, vegetables, and any other foods. It also has the S-shaped blade and whisk attachments to do other cooking things like pureeing vegetables and fruits, mixing up peanut butter, whipping eggs, blending smoothies, and beating eggs. On the handle of this blender, there are 2 buttons with which one can easily operate the immersion blender based on the type of food you are blending.

3. Sophisticated Design

The ergonomic grip gives a comfortable and non-slip grip when you blend the ingredients continuously. The design part of the Mueller immersion blender is a true achievement. It is a compact blender that is not much heavy; the kitchen lover will surely prefer this Best Blender For Protein Shakes. The compact design and light-weight design of 2.15 pounds can be a perfect substitute for any countertop mixer or blender. The handle is comfortable and smooth, whereas the control settings are present on the right part of your fingertips provides you the perfect and fun blending experience.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

It got many appreciations from all over the world, a positive Austria Ultra-stick 500 review is given by all users. Cleaning up this blender is a breeze as you only require disassembling the different parts. It is mandatory to clean it carefully because sometimes sustenance may obstruct the apparatus. With its compact size, it can fit anywhere on your counter-space. The blades have piercing metal edges that are coated with substances like vinyl, silicone, rubber to make this immersion blender more user-friendly so you can use this with any glass cutlery, coated cookware, and Teflon pans.

5. Exceptional Quality and Versatility

one reason why it is placed in the leader-boards for the best blender under 50 is because of its powerful motor. The 500-watts motor is made with first-class copper materials that will work continuously in a proper way even for a long duration and still can bare the heavy-duty blending works. For easy operation, it has a detachable blending arm with permanent blade locks. The s-shaped blade is made of stainless steel that can quickly and easily blend ingredients for milkshakes, soups, baby food, and smoothies and has high-quality whisk attachment.



  • Manufacturer name : Mueller Austria
  • dimensions : 15.2 x 4 x 2.8
  • Item weight : 2.05 pounds
  • Motor : 500 watts
  • Blades : Stainless steel
  • Handle : Ergonomic design
  • Variable speed : 9
  • Buttons : 2
  • Motor made of : Copper material
  • Shipping weight : 2.05 pounds
  • Warranty : 2 years 100% warranty



Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Blender can be opened by removing its attachments as well as its parts and disassembling the whole unit.


Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 blender can be used to blend smoothies, soup, milkshakes etc.


Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Blender can blend 1 to 1.5 gallons.


Based on the Mueller Austria ultra-stick 500 review, here are the ratings for a few important features of this blender. The Mueller Ultra-stick 500 hand blender is a compact-sized machine that means it can fit anywhere in your kitchen. The parts of this unit are easy to detach and are safe to be washed in soapy water, cleaning up is a breeze. It is a user-friendly and budget-friendly machine with a minimum 2-year warranty. Overall, whether you want to make baby food, crush ice, blend a smoothie, or mix milkshake, the Mueller blender will be an exact option if you wish for an immersion blender that gives you perfect output and saves a lot of time with its fast performance. It is the Best blender for protein shakes.

Mueller Austria 1 Ultra Stick 500 Watt 9 Speed Immersion Multi Purpose Brushed Stainless Steel Silver Hand Blender image

Mueller Austria ultra-stick immersion blender is a multi-purpose Handheld blender. Which is compact- versatile and comes with a variable 9-speed feature. As it is made of heavy-duty copper 500-watt motor for continuous operation. Some important features: Stainless steel blades- disassembling parts- easy cleaning- dishwasher safe components- S-shaped permanent blade- whiskey attachment- easy to chop vegetables and fruits- exceptional quality-sophisticated design- perfect for a smoothie- 2 years 100% warranty.


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