Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender – Portable yet blends Frozen food quickly!

Ninja Fit Blender Review 2023

Everyone needs a blender in their kitchen, but having a full-sized blender is not the most feasible option, always considering how hard they are to handle. Moreover, you end up not using the bigger blenders because of the cleaning time they would need. It becomes hard to take them out when all you need is a glass of smoothie to take on the go with you as breakfast. This is why personal blenders are considered a better option by most people, who either live alone or have a small kitchen or if you don’t prepare bigger portions at all.

Ninja 700-Watt QB3001SS Personal Blender Info

The benefit is that cleaning becomes much easier with a smaller blender, and they are mostly portable, so you can even take the smoothie with you. Ninja is popular because of making extremely powerful blenders that have double jars etc. with them. Still, the brand also makes small and powerful personal blenders like the Ninja Fit Single Serve Blender. It is one of the most popular personal blenders out there. Now check out the detailed features and Ninja Fit Blender Review in the following section.


  • Efficient nutrient extraction
  • Powerful design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe to use components
  • Useful programs

1. Efficient nutrient extraction

Most people don’t like electronic blenders because they fail at extracting the nutrients of the food they put into it. The Ninja personal blender excels at this particular aspect because of its excellent nutrient extraction from fruits and vegetables. It will like you are consuming genuine food, whether it is in the form of smoothies or anything else. Not just that, it even extracts hidden nutrition from whole foods of any type.

2. Powerful design

The Ninja Fit Single Serve Personal Blender is backed up by pulse technology and a 700-watt motor, which enables it to extract everything out of the food, the way it does. Most personal blenders of the same range doesn’t allow you to crush ice or blend frozen items, but it is very much possible with Ninja Fit. It will easily crush through ice and frozen fruits as well for your smoothies and other frozen drinks.

3. Easy cleaning

As mentioned in Ninja Fit Blender Review, All the components that come with the Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender are dishwasher safe. So now , which makes cleaning very easy to do. Cleaning is the toughest part to do with any appliance, and given how easy it is with this blender, it makes a case for itself. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can even soak the containers in water to get everything off and to make sure nothing sticks to the plastic.

4. Safe to use components

One benefit of buying the Ninja Fit Qb3001ss Single Serve Blender is that the plastic used in the jars that you get with it is BPA free. Many people these days worry about using harmful plastic, but with this Best Blender For Frozen Fruit Smoothies, you are safe. With this feature, the Ninja Fit Qb3001ss Personal Blender becomes the health package that you deserve. Everything about it, from what it does to what it is made of, is healthy and safe for you to use in your kitchens.

5. Useful programs

There is a manual program installed in the Ninja Fit Qb3001ss Personal Blender, which lets you customize how you use the blender and its speed. Accompanying that with pulse technology, you get a lot of control over the blender while you are using it. The same button, if would have been automatic, would not have been as useful otherwise. You can decide the consistency of what you are blending on your own by using this manual program.



  • Brand : Ninja
  • Model : QB3001SS
  • Dimensions : 9.4 x 5.9 x 13.7 inches
  • Weight : 4.63 pounds
  • Container capacity : 16 oz
  • Number of containers : 2
  • Wattage : 700 watts
  • Recipe Guides : 50-Recipe Cookbook
  • No. of Sip & Seal Lids : 2



A Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender costs $47.49.


The Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender works only by a one-speed pulse function and the steps are-

1. Press down top of the cup in short intervals.
2. Keep pressing until achieving the desired consistency of ingredients.


A Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender is of 700 Watts.


The supported voltage of Ninja Fit 700 Watt Personal Blender is 220/240 Volts.


We Hope this Ninja Fit Blender Review clear some of your doubts. Ninja fit is the Best Blender For Protein Shakes and a favorite of many because of its compact size but powerful design. It is not like those weak small blenders that don’t stand up to what they are made for. As for this one here, it has the perfect size and the perfect amount of power in it, which helps you whip up quick smoothies and anything else you would wish to blend in it. Most reviewers have termed it as one of the most surprising products given how it can blend smooth concoctions in no time at all. Even the quality and fine texture of the smoothies was surprising to see. Its motor is powerful, that’s why it is possible but it doesn’t make too much noise despite that. You won’t even hear most of its sound while you are using it. Once you are done using it, it is easy to store it away in a corner because of its small size. It is specially made for kitchens that lack space or for people who like prepping in small portions.

Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender image

Many people have said that the Ninja fit is the Best Blender For Frozen Drinks or smoothies and have appreciated how well it has lasted them through the years. Most people love how easily transportable it is after you have used it to blend something. The containers need a lid on them, and you will be ready to go about your schedule. The same containers have measurement marks on them, so that is a benefit for users who want to control their portion size. All those who are on a healthy diet and need the perfect companion, the Ninja fit, is undoubtedly the best option you have available.


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