Ninja BL770 3-in-1 Mega Kitchen System – Gives best results in a very short time!

Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 Review 2023

Some manufacturers are designing and developing some great quality appliances but do not get the attention like those first-class brands. And Ninja is one of them. Ninja is known for ultimate innovation in the field of kitchen improvement appliances and fulfilling various demands in this particular field, since ages. Among the wide array of electric cookers, Personal blenders, coffee makers and so many different kitchen appliances, the product which takes this brand or company to a brand new level, is their food processor only. So many people get confused between a blender and food processor, but these two are completely different appliances and their basic difference lies in their functionality. Whereas a blender is more applicable to handling liquid types of food such as make smoothies or puree or icy mocktails, food processors are more into works like making a dough, dicing and slicing vegetables, etc.

Ninja Mega BL770 Kitchen System Details

The particular Ninja food processor model we are going to discuss in this Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review is from one of the most famous flagship series, the mega kitchen system, and undoubtedly one of the most precise and efficient products from the manufacturer’s end as well. It is a proven fact that the presence of a food blender can not only make the entire cooking process easy and enjoyable, but these are so efficient that they can take up someone’s cooking games to the next level altogether. And the BL770 Ninja blender is no different at all. Though Ninja blenders do not come as affordable as its competitors, the products are so intelligently designed, that the shelf life doubles up on its own. But to know this one more precisely, we have provided the Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 Review along with the cumulative pros and cons. Let us check out the features


  • Extremely powerful.
  • Multiple blades for different functions.
  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • Various speed settings
  • advanced crushing technology.
  • Ninja patented vitamin and nutrient extraction.
  • Intelligently designed.
  • Easy to clean and maintain

1. Extremely powerful

the very first thing one will notice about this Ninja blender is its powerful motor, which is housed inside the base unit of the blender itself. This Ninja Mega Kitchen System is equipped with a 1500 watt or 2 horsepower motor, which not only makes the blending and other food processing jobs faster and easier but also extremely precise as well. Eventually, the faster motor reduces the total time for preparing foods before cooking. Hence the user can spend a lot more time with the family and other guests as well. Moreover, the motor housing is also comprised of a specialized lever, which docks the appliance securely to the counter space to prevent accidental slipping.

2. Multiple blades for different functions

unlike most of the best quality blenders and other food processor variants, this Best Ninja Mega Kitchen System is comprised of different blade options for different food processing jobs. With its 4-blade and 6-blade system, this Ninja Bl770 Mega Kitchen Blender designed in such a way that it can create a powerful vortex inside the appliance. Which eventually leads to a perfect bowl of bread dough every time. The 4 and 6 pronged blades are so powerful that handling toughest o ingredients like ice and nuts and different types of seeds becomes much easier when you have this blender on your side.

3. Versatile and multi-purpose

equipped with three different types of bowls and pitchers, this Ninja – Mega Kitchen System 72-Oz. Blender is a truly versatile and multipurpose one in true sense. Whereas the 72oz blender pitcher is the perfect accompaniment to blend a huge batch of smoothie whenever necessary, the comparatively smaller 16oz ones are meant for personal usage only. So for those people, who like to blend their daily quotas of smoothies on their own and take them along, these small-sized, travel-friendly glass pitchers can be the perfect companion to them. Along with the blender pitchers, this Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen Blender also comprises a 64oz round-shaped food processor cup, which can handle all those slicing, dicing, chopping, grating and dough making jobs with utmost efficiency.

4. Various speed settings

though it may seem complicated to many patrons, this particular Ninja mega kitchen system 1500 is comprised of only 6-buttons, which includes power, single-serve, pulse, dough, blend and crush speed buttons. But the most interesting fact about this blender is each of three pitchers and bowl is designed to perform in particular function only. Where the personal size glass pitchers are only suitable for working on the single-serve button, the long one is compatible with all three 3-speed settings along with the pulse feature. The pulse feature is considered as one of the most important ones, as it allows the user to chop or dice the food according to their preference. Also, the food processor attachment bowl can operate on the 3-speed setting as well, but it needed the specialized dough blade for the Dough speed option only.

5. Advanced Crushing technology

the highest speed setting or the Crush feature is one of a key feature, which present in professional-grade processors, which makes this particular appliance different from the others. Along with the state-of-the-art, stainless steel blade, this crushing technology and pulverize through hardest of ingredients like ice and seeds within seconds and turn them into a fine powder-like consistency.

6. Ninja patented vitamin and nutrient extraction

along with so many interesting features like powerful motors or variable blade, this particular feature also makes Ninja unique. Comprises of a patented nutrient and vitamin extractor technology, the blender extracts all the important nutrients from the fruit and vegetable along with the goodness of fiber as well, which not only makes the drink tastier but extremely healthier as well.

7. Intelligently design

as per the outlook is concerned, the designers of this particular Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender, are kept this appliance pretty simple and fuss-free. As both the housing and pitchers are made with BPA-free materials, hence they are strong and sturdy and food-grade safe. The appliance is also very small in size and compact as well, hence does not take up a lot of counter space as well.

8. Easy to clean and maintain

as all the pitchers and processing bowls are dishwasher safe, cleaning them is like an easy Sunday morning.



  • Manufacturer : Ninja
  • Product Dimension : 9.5 X 8.2 X 17.8 Inches
  • Product Weight : 9.2 pounds
  • Motor Power : 1500 Watt
  • Pitcher Capacity : 72 oz
  • Food Processing Jar Capacity : 64 oz
  • Ninja Cups Capacity : 2 X 16 Oz
  • Blades : 4-prongs And 6-prongs Blade
  • Speeds : 3-speed Settings
  • Functions : Blender & Food Processor
  • Manual Programs : 5
  • Warranty : 1 Year



The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 cost $189.99


Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 blender is of 240 V.


9.5 x 8.2 x 17.8 inches are dimensions of Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 main unit


To conclude this Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 Review, it can be said that this Ninja mega kitchen Blender can be a great option for you. It will be capable of handling all sorts of cooking preparation tasks with ease and efficiency. Though the price tag it comes with is not that cheap and affordable in a true sense, but for a long term investment, it can be pretty beneficial and a good deal. Like any other blenders, Ninja 3-In-1 Mega Kitchen System has its disadvantages as well, and I am pretty sure that the manufacturer will come up with solutions for them pretty fast. By using this Ninja mega kitchen system blender daily is not a bad option, after all. So, according to us, it is always a wise choice to give this appliance a try and see how it works for you!

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System Blender image

The Ninja mega kitchen system is a small and compact size food processor, equipped with three different types of jars and pitchers to do different types of food processing related jobs. Comprises of a large capacity jar, a food processor bowl, and personal blender cups, this appliance has to offer a lot on the area of food processing. Comprises of a 4 prong and a prong blade, this food processor is capable enough of doing slicing, chopping, dicing, blending, ice crushing, dough making and many more with equal ease and efficiency.


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