Vitamix 7500 Blender – Fits comfortably in your kitchen cabinet!

Vitamix 7500 Blender Review 2023

Vitamix 7500 Professional Blenders are built to last longer and help you in all your kitchen blending requirements. This Best Countertop Blender is a favourite among restaurants and home kitchens. Vitamix 7500 super package blenders can help self- clean with a drop of soap solution and warm water at maximum speed in 60 seconds. There is no disassembly required for cleaning, and it is very easy to use. As many of the customers buy this Best Blender For Green Smoothies for making delicious smoothies. This Vitamix Elite 7500 Variable Speed Blender has the power for the complete blending of the food in a faster and smoother way without destroying its vitamin content and excellent aroma. Here is the complete Vitamix 7500 Blender Review with Pros and Cons, let’s check it out.

Vitamix 7500 64 Oz Blender Details

It has variable speed levels from 1- 10 and pulse mode to bring out the exact texture for every culinary cuisine. We can make heartiest soups to smoothest purees. Pulse feature helps you to coarse chop the vegetables for salsa and soups. The container is broader and low –profile so fit into the kitchen cabinets with a whooping capacity of 64 ounces. Vitamix 7500 quiet smoothie blender an aircraft-grade stainless steel blade hardened and detailed with all features to provide the best smoothie for the everyday morning. 2.2 horsepower motor is present in this Best Smoothie Blender that runs super quiet than other Vitamix blenders. It is 40% quieter than its earlier models. The blender runs on 1440 watts of power and can crush and chop the nuts and seeds. It has a good cooling system that shuts off the motor during overloads and protects the blender. The Vitamix Elite 7500 Blender For Soups comes with 7 years of warranty for the motor and limited warranty for accessories.


  • Blade
  • Container
  • Variable speeds
  • Versatility in function
  • Warranty
  • Crushing ice
  • Controls
  • Motor wattage

1. Blade

Vitamix Elite 7500 Blender for soups has an aircraft-grade blade made of hardened stainless steel. The blades are fixed into the container. This blade is made especially for chopping food, kneading the dough, blending vegetables, making soups and smoothies. You can also use the small jar with the dry blade obtained through the Vitamix 7500 super package blender for preparing 30 oz of smoothie.

2. Container

Vitamix 7500 has 64- ounce container with a wider bottom and top with see-through sides. The container is made with BPA- free material that lasts longer. This is much better than glass containers. Only one container comes along with this blender, if you need an additional container, you can get at an extra cost.

3. Variable speeds

The blender has 10 variable speeds. Variation in the speed helps you to prepare smoothie and soups according to your desired texture. Pulsing is possible with this blender. There is no preset program in this blender, but variable speed provides you with multiple options for making anything you need. You can prepare smoothies without bubbles with the low speed and for express smoothies, use speed 10.

4. Versatility in function

Vitamix 7500 quiet smoothie blender is an amazing machine to prepare smoothies, frozen desserts, pureeing, chopping and grinding.

  • Smoothie: Prepare shakes and smoothies using frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, and fruits with this blender. Add the ingredients in the blender and run it at high speed for 2-3 minutes, your smoothie is ready.
  • Pureeing: You can make a puree of hard vegetables at a variable speed of 6-10. By preparing in small batches, you can prepare excellent purees.
  • Chopping: Chopping vegetables is possible with low-speed and pulse mode in the blender, and sometimes you can prepare dips for your snacks using higher speeds.
  • Grinding: The blender has wet blades for grinding nuts, grains and kernels easily. We can also make dough efficiently with this blender.

5. Warranty

Vitamix 7500 blender comes with a 7 –year warranty for the motor and accessories. It covers all the parts, labor and shipping costs which is not present in other brands.

6. Crushing ice

Vitamix 7500 is a wonderful blender to crush ice. This blender crushes ice with ease than other blenders, as not many are built with this function.

7. Controls

It has three controls: ON/OFF function, pulse mode, and a power dial. The power dial has 10-speed options and this Best Blender Under $500 is suitable for beginners. We can change the blending speed from 1- 10 for achieving the perfect texture of your food.

8. Motor wattage

This VITAMIX 7500 blender has a 2.2 HP motor that can deliver 1500 watts of power during maximum speed. The voltage required for operation is 120 Volts and frequency is 50 Hz.



  • Battery : Vitamix corporation
  • Dimensions : 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches.
  • Weight : 13 pounds
  • Container size : 64 ounce
  • Material type : Plastic
  • Speed control : 1-10 level
  • Cord length : 6 feet
  • Motor power : 2.2 hp
  • Watts : 1500
  • Blade speed : 37000 rpm
  • Amp : 12 Amps
  • Voltage and Hertz : 120 V and 50 Hz



The Vitamix 7500 can be cleaned by following steps:

1. Fill the holder half full with warm water and include two or three drops of fluid dishwashing cleanser to the holder.
2. Snap or drive the total 2-Part top into bolted position.
3. Select variable speed
4. Run the machine on High speed for 30 to 60 seconds.
5. The machine should be turned on and wash and channel the holder.


Vitamix 7500 blender works at 120 Watts.


A Vitamix 7500 blender can be used for chopping food, making ice cream, soups, nut-butter and smoothies.


Vitamix 5200 Blender is the best for a more personal usage.


The Vitamix 7500 is for $479.


Yes, the Vitamix 7500 is Quieter due to its efficient motor.


Vitamix 7500 is a powerful machine with a 2.2 horsepower motor that can spin the stainless steel laser-cut blades at a speed of 37000 rpm. It has an excellent and unusual power than many other kitchen appliances. It has a speed dial with speed level from 1 – 10, and it is better to have such a variation in the speed for a better blending experience. Vitamix 7500 super blender is an incredible machine at such a low price. It has 10-speed levels and pulse mode to prepare smoothies, puree, and soups with ease. It runs at high speed of 37000 rpm for crushing almost anything you drop in.

Vitamix 7500 Red Professional Blender image

For making smoothies without bubbles, you can run at low speed, and for the quick process, you can use high speed. There are no complaints regarding its operation, and many customers have fallen in love with this Blender for smoothies.


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