Vitamix E320 Blender – You will surely love its quietness & smoothness!

Vitamix E320 Review 2023

Vitamix E320 Explorian blender is considered as one of Vitamix’s “reasonable price tag” blenders. Despite its low price, its built quality is the same as the flagship 5200. It is powerful compared to 5200 and has larger blades. Vitamix E320 pro blender has a low profile design that can easily fit into any kitchen cabinets while functions perfectly for petite to medium batches. The control panel in this Best Small Blender For Smoothies is very easy to use and minimalistic, which gives the best versatility with pulse controls and variable speeds. The variable speed helps you to purify each texture.

Vitamix E320 64 oz Explorian Blender Info

This Vitamix E320 10 speed blender base is constructed well, heavy and sturdy so even at high speed it does not move across the counter. This machine is equipped with a cooling fan and motor safeguarding system for overheat such that Vitamix E320 Explorian blender to puree will shut off automatically when it gets overheated. The containers of this Vitamix Explorian professional-grade machine are made with Eastman Tritan Copolyester which has superior-quality, shatter-resistant, durable, and glass finishing view-though polycarbonate pitchers. Read this Vitamix E320 review to know in detail about this blender and take a wise decision in purchasing this Vitamix E20 Explorian blender.

Its features always decide the best product. To this point, it is always necessary to read the product’s features carefully before you purchase any product. Vitamix E320 Explorian blender for puree has a few wonderful features that allow it to complete great kitchen tasks and make it the Best countertop blender. Here are some features of this blending machine. Let us check out the Complete Vitamix E320 Review with pros and Cons.


  • Variable speeds
  • Controls
  • Power
  • Containers size/capacity
  • Design
  • Ease of use and maintenance

1. Variable Speeds

it is equipped with pulse switches, on/off buttons, and dial knob of 10 variable speeds. You can adjust the speed by rotating the dial. The speed transitions are smooth, and the low speed ranges around 1400-1600 rpm, which is very low, and the high speed ranges around 23000-28500 rpm which is very fast that can even heat liquids with frictions. The speed control is extremely soft-start and if you unknowingly start the machine at high speed still the machine won’t ramp-up but immediately rise to the maximum speed. After choosing the required speed at the dial, press the pulse lever to activate pulse function. With such variable speed ranges, you will have full control power on the blending process. The high speed helps blend seeded berries and hard ingredients whereas medium speed is useful for soft smoothies. The pulse feature is useful for cutting nuts and veggies and also works well when preparing sauces and salsa.

2. Controls

When one product has a low price, then you need to think that it may have few limitations and less advanced features. Same with the E320 blender which has very simple and easy controls the same as the older models. The Vitamix E320 Explorian blender has the following controls:

  • The Pulse button
  • Variable 10-speed dial
  • On/off switch

These control buttons are very easy to use and user-friendly to operate and blend the ingredients. The on/off switch is to make the blender begin and end the blending process. With the variable speed dial, you can choose the 1 to 10 speeds. When the machine is at 10 speeds the blades will heat-up which is useful in making the soup. The pulse button is used to get the chunkier consistencies.

3. Power

With 2.2 horsepower motor, the Vitamix E320 pro blender is considered a very Powerful blender. Its powerful motor can handle even the hard ingredients to make high-quality blends. The E20’s container is larger, which is fixed with larger blades of 4” diameter to cover the additional cutting area. These larger blades use extra horsepower to run and make them reach the equal speed of a Vitamix 5200.

4. Container Size/ capacity

the Vitamix E320 is the best small blender for smoothies that have a low profile container of 64-ounce included with 4 blades at the bottom. This Vitamix Explorian Blender Professional Grade is also compatible with 32 and 48 oz smaller containers if required. The E420’s larger container cannot blend smaller quantity or single-serve at least you need to have 2 cups of ingredients for proper blending. With its low profile container, it can fit under any 18-inch kitchen cabinets.

5. Design

The E320 blender’s design looks like a bit of a G-series model. It has a steady base with a curved structure on either side which makes them bear-up the more pressure while blending. The blades in this unit are fixed permanently in the container. The blades used in this blender are made of stainless steel material so they are sufficient enough to handle the tough ingredients and the final output is the perfect blend. It can blend very faster and do the blending again and again with the same efficient result.

6. Ease of use and maintenance

This Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender For Smoothies is included with the blade fitted inbuilt in the container. Therefore this unit is easy to fix and use. Just you need to put the required ingredients into the container then close it with the lid and place the jar on the base. Now choose the speed 1, and click the on/off button to start the unit. Turn the dial knob to choose the required speed. All the instructions are given in the manual clearly, read it before you start using this blender. In this blender blades are dishwasher safe and just drop the soap and lukewarm water, the Vitamix device can clean within 30 to 60 seconds by itself; dissembling is not required. The Vitamix Explorian Series blender for sale is high because of its features and easy maintenance.Based on the Vitamix E320 reviews from different users, here are some advantages and disadvantages of this Best Countertop Blender in the following section.



  • Manufacturer : Vitamix
  • Product dimensions : 11 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Item weight : 10.5 lbs
  • Electrical ratings : 120 v
  • Motor power : 2.2 HP
  • Variable speeds : 10
  • Control panel : Pulse button, on/off lever, and 10 variable speeds
  • Container : 68 oz., wide
  • Tamper : 12 1/2 “ long
  • Cord : 4.5 ft/ 1.37 m
  • Warranty : 7-years complete warranty



The Vitamix Explorian E320 blender has 1464 Watts.


The difference between the E310 and E320 Vitamix blender is that the e310 has 2 horsepower motor speed whereas the e320 Vitamix blender has 2.2. Also, the blade and container dimensions are different from both of them.


Yes, Vitamix E320 is good.


The highest speed of Vitamix E320 Blender is 23000 rpm.


Hope this Vitamix E320 review helpful for you, Undoubtedly, Vitamix is the most quality blender that you require to keep in your kitchen for the best results. This Vitamix E320 10 Speed Blender is one of the cheaper options available in the market among all the high rated Vitamix machines with high performance and durability to last long. Vitamix E320 is perfect for a big family of 5 members or more because of its large container with a 64-ounce size. Though it has some flaws its positive features will wipe out those imperfections. If you are looking for a blender that satisfies all your requirements, then go for Vitamix E320 which is the Best Vitamix blender for soups.

Vitamix E320 Black Explorian Blender image

Vitamix E320 blender series- easy to use- simple to clean- versatile- durable- large container of 64-ounce size- powerful motor of 2.2 HP that can blend any hard ingredients- pulse button for cutting nuts and vegetables- on/off button to start and stop the machine- 10 variable speeds- stainless steel blades- 7 years complete warranty.


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