Waring CB15 Commercial Food Blender | Perfect for your busy restaurant!

Waring CB15 Blender Review 2023

Buying the right blender for your business can create chores. Keeping that in mind, we have gone through the different types of commercial food blenders in the market and brought you a Robust one that meets your expectations. This best Heavy-Duty Waring Blende is designed for continuous use without burning out.

It can blend various ingredients to make smoothies, thick liquids, soups, etc. Unlike other blenders, it has a three-speed control and timer to blend different foods. We have mentioned the Waring Blender features, pros and cons to let you know about its working. Nearly 100+ drinks can be made using this heavy-duty Blender you can blend hot soups to serve a large number of food beverages at one time. For its installation and maintenance doubts, you can prefer the Manual.


  • Design
  • Power Usage
  • Container
  • Capacity
  • Key Pad Controls
  • Speed
  • Noise & Jar Pad
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Warranty

1. Design

This Waring Commercial Blender is heavy and bulky, as it is designed simple and yet stylish. Moreover, you can see the electronic keypad of this Waring Countertop Blender that makes it look better and is easy to clean.

As this kitchen appliance is a heavy-duty blender, it was given the name ‘Beast’. Because of its looks, weight and blending consistency. So, you can buy this Waring Commercial Blender CB15 without any further thoughts.

2. Power Usage

As this Waring CB15 Commercial Blender can handle large amounts of foods, it uses the 120v, 60Hz power. So, the motor can easily make 100 or more drinks per day. Also, you can blend various food beverages for making soups and sauces and so on. Whoever wants to perform a heavy duty can use this food blender as it holds your back to fulfil your need.

3. Container

Being a commercial blender, Waring CB15 container can hold One Gallon Capacity. So, you guys can create a gallon of your most popular recipes which include Smoothies, mixed drinks, and many more. However, the stainless steel jar is equipped with two handles that let you handle it while carrying and pouring the blended food.

Along with this, you are given the lid clamps to secure operations. Furthermore, it comes with an easy-off rubberized lid along with an easy to remove the center cap to add ingredients and to reduce the pressure when blending the hot food.

4. Capacity

This Best Heavy Duty blender can hold upto one gallon of foods inside it. With this option, users can make larger portions of beverages and can make their flours or butter. These Waring Heavy Duty Blender or Professional Blenders are extremely versatile kitchen appliances that can perform what the other general blenders do. Hence, whatever you throw at it, it’s going to churn grind and blend the ingredients.

5. Key Pad Controls

Progressively designed Electronic Membrane Keypad offers you an easy and smooth operation that works with a simple touch of a button. It is easy to control and taking the help of this blender, and you can prepare loads of food liquids in a single attempt. While blending, you can use the Power on/ off, Stop, Low, Mid, High and Pulse keypads.

6. Speed

The 3-speed motor that is used in this Waring Heavy Duty gives perfect results. Change the speed from max to low that’s required for your different dishes or smoothies. As per the amount or the food type you used to blend, you can change the speed of Waring Blender CB15 to have a perfect texture. So, use your ideas and delicious recipes to serve a perfect meal.

7. Noise & Jar Pad

Electric Motors can be quiet, but the ones that are used for a commercial blender can be noisy. The motor that’s included in this blenders is not loud. But, the bearings, fans and loads in the jar make more noise. So, coming to this Waring CB15 Blender, you can bear the noise easily made by this Waring Commercial Blender.

The Jar Pad of this Beast is removable and is dishwasher safe. After performing your task, you can Remove the Jar Pad and clean it using a damp cloth.

8. Dishwasher Safe

Like all the Waring Blenders, this Waring Commercial Food Blender CB15 is dishwasher safe. So, you can clean it using hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Rinse the parts with hot water and allow them to completely dry. In case, if the container is not cleaned well, you can use the scrub and clean the blades.

To know more about the cleaning process, you can take the help of the User Manual. Always store the product unplugged and make sure that the containers are dry before using.

9. Warranty

Most of Waring blender comes with a warranty of 2-Years, but this Waring CB15 heavy duty blender is given a 3-year warranty for motor and a 2-year warranty for parts and labour. As it assures that this product is build to last and perform to impress the users.



  • Manufacturer : Waring Commercial Inc. (Kitchen)
  • Model : CB15
  • Dimensions : 15 x 15 x 22.2 inches
  • Weight : 38 Pounds
  • Colour : Brushed Stainless
  • Capacity : 1 Gallon
  • Warranty : 3 year motor warranty



Waring CB15 blender can be fixed by checking its parts list and finding out the erring part.

1. Remove the jar.
2. Unscrew the base.
3. Depending upon the issue at your hand, fix the problem with respect to the broken motor, faulty power cord etc.


Drive clutch of Waring CB15 blender can be changed as:

1. Unplug the blender.
2. Expel the neckline around the base of the blender holder by turning it counterclockwise.
3. Open up your customizable wrench and spot the jaws around the coupling.
4. Turn the wrench clockwise to release the coupling.


Waring CB15 Blender product comes with 90-days warranty.


Yes, the lid made of Waring CB15 Blender stainless steel too.


It depends on the types of ingredients you are using for blending. So, the power you need to blend the ingredients will come with noise.


As being a Heavy-Duty Commercial Food Blender, it’s a bit pricey. But, leaving behind that, it can perform well providing satisfactory results than the cheap blenders.


If you are planning to buy a commercial purpose blender, then you can choose the Waring CB15 that’s going to meet all your expectations. Also, you need to make sure whether you can handle the appliance or not while using it. Furthermore, the speed and mechanic controls of the appliance will let you blend the ingredients to perfection.

Easy to clean and 3-year limited warranty of this Best Smoothie Blender is quite impressive. Also, these are highly efficient and durable, making them worth every penny. Hence more, their stylish design does not hurt you either. So, you can order this Heavy-Duty Beast at Amazon for the best price. You can tune-up to our site to get more info regarding the Best Blenders on the market.

Waring CB15 3 Speed NSF Commercial Food Blender image

All-together, Waring CB15 Blender will be the best choice if you are looking for a blender for your restaurant. Even for Healthcare, schools, and institutions, this will be a great help. It features and functionalities make it perfect for large loads.


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