Waring Commercial MX1200XTX Xtreme Blender – One of the Best Blenders with High-performance!

Waring Xtreme Blender Review 2023

Want to save your time, while making sauces and smoothies? Then, opt a Waring Xtreme Blender. With this Best affordable Waring Commercial Blender, you can make 75 drinks per day. You can have varieties of smoothies, desserts, dressings, and many more. Just add your ingredients in the blending jar and blend the foods at your required texture by changing the speeds. This Waring MX1200XTX blender is easy to use as it comes with multiple features giving you perfect results.

Waring Commercial MX1200XTX Blender for Sale

If you are planning to bring a new blender for your kitchen, please check this Waring Xtreme Review before you choose one. The durable BPA-free copolyester container is provided with the tightly fitted lid to seal your food while blending. Similarly, it also has a center lid that lets you add additional food beverages during the blending process.

This is a Perfect blender for your smoothies, pancake batter, salad dressings, soups & sauces, ice cream or fruit popsicles. So, if you are determining to add an appliance for your kitchen, then this Waring Xtreme MX1200XTX Blender suits you the best among others.


  • Design & Power Consumption
  • Xtreme High Power Blender
  • Speed and Power Controls
  • Copolyester Container
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Capacity
  • Cleaning
  • Warranty

1. Design & Power Consumption

The design of Waring Xtreme Commercial MX1200XTX is Black gives an impressive look to your kitchen. You can place it at any corner in your kitchen. Moreover, it comes with variable speed controls which lets you prepare all types of foods.

Unlike other blenders, this Speed Food Blender consumes 120v/ 60 Hz/ 13 A/ 1500 watts. Also, compared to others, this Xtreme Waring is more powerful and has a bare motor rotational speed with a brute blending strength.

2. Xtreme High Power Blender

It Comes with a High-performance 3.5 Peak Horsepower motor that works for a long period. So, if you plan to arrange a party or gathering at your place, Waring Commercial Xtreme gives you a hand for your food arrangements.

It lets you pulverize herbs, ice, carrots, frozen fruits, and many more food ingredients. We’re sure that you are going to love its efficiency and power. So, this Best Smoothie Blender pulverizes the thickest of foods in seconds, providing you with the most excellent results.

3. Speed and Power Controls

It has provided you with some easy power controls. While working on this best Waring Blender, one can operate it by using the on/ off switches. Along with this, you can also choose the Variable and Pulse options as per your blending requirement. Using this variable speed controls, you can blend the different varieties of food beverages.

This Compact Blender uses the rotary variable speed control knob to let you adjust the RPMs from 1500 to 20,000 as per your need. With this additional feature, you can have greater control over the blend consistency and texture for fine-tuning the various concoctions.

4. Copolyester Container

Durable Copolyester Material Jar is BPA-free and marked with graduations on two sides. So, while making the smoothies or blending other foods, you can measure the ingredients in the jar, which in turn avoids the need of other measuring utensils. The Tightly fitted lid seals the food inside for mess-free blending.

Regardless this, Waring Xtreme Blender has a small center lid to let you add ingredients during the blending cycle. After completing the blending process, the pouring sprout helps you serve the blended drinks or blended foods to the food containers. However, you can remove the container cover with a removable center lid which allows you to reduce pressure while blending hot foods. 

5. Stainless Steel Blade

With the High-performance motor, Waring Xtreme MX1200XTX featured with an ultra-aggressive stainless steel blade to deliver smoother consistencies. Similarly, making the Cocktails, Smoothies, Sauces are made easy with the help of this Best Selling Waring Blender. This efficient stainless steel wet blade works a way better than the other expensive blenders in the market.

6. Capacity

This MX1200XTX Xtreme Hi-Power Variable-Speed Blender Jar holds a capacity of 64 Ounces. So, if your family loves having smoothies, then you can make yourselves some refreshing drinks every day with its high capacity. If you plan to organize an event at your place, then Waring MX1200XTX was the best option to pulverize everything from drinks to thick spreads, desserts, dressings and all types of foods.

7. Cleaning

You can clean easily cleaner Waring Blender Jars in a dishwasher. However, you can wash the containers by dropping a bit of dish soap along with some warm water and blend for a bit. Being the top-rated blender on the market, it bears the title well. As the parts of this Xtreme Blender are removable, you can ensure that you have cleaned every nook and cranny of the device before its use.

8. Warranty

Waring MX1200XTX comes with a three-year motor warranty and 2 Years of Parts & Labor Warranty. Hence, if you have any complaint regarding the product, you can contact the customer service. During this warranty period, the company will provide you with the required repair or replacement. For further doubts, you can refer to the Manual.



  • Manufacturer : Waring
  • Model : MX1200XTX
  • Dimensions : 8.25 x 8.5 x 18 in
  • Weight : 13.68 lbs
  • Material Type : Plastic
  • Container Type : Copolyester Container
  • Warranty : 2 year parts and labor warranty

Quick View of Waring Commercial MX1200XTX Blender

  • Waring MX1200XTX Uses Xtreme High Power.
  • Heavy Duty Blender
  • Sleek Design
  • Adjustable Power Controls
  • BPA Free Copolyster Container
  • Adjustable Speeds from 1500-2,000 RPMs
  • Ultra-aggressive stainless steel blade
  • One-Piece Dishwasher removable Jar Pad
  • Maximum Speed with 30,000 RPM
  • 64-Ounce Capacity



A drive coupler on a Waring Xtreme blender can be changed by

1. Unscrew while holding on to the coupling so as not to rotate it.
2. Once the coupling mechanism has been loosened , it should be gently pulled off the top of the blender.


Waring Xtreme Blender can be disassembled by-

1. Keep the switch in off position.
2. Remove the container assembly from the unit base and empty the contents.
3. Turn the container collar clockwise to disassemble it.


Both Waring Xtreme and Xprep labels are similar but original ones were labelled Waring Xtreme and the new models termed as Xprep with slightly differing but advanced features.


The Waring Xtreme is perhaps the Best Blender for the Money. The way it performs and helps in blending the varieties of foods makes it choose among other blenders. So, if you are looking for an appliance that has a variable speed adjustment, then buy the Waring MX1200XTX. You can make Sauces, Soups, Protein shakes, Peanut Butter and many more foods. Furthermore, it has a compact design that fits in any corner of your kitchen shelf. Buy this Heavy Duty Waring Blender from Amazon at the best price. Hence more, it does a great job as it includes multiple features to give you a refreshing day.

Waring Commercial MX1200XTX Xtreme High Power Variable Speed 64 Ounce Food Blender image

In brief, Waring Commercial MX1200XTX Xtreme Hi-Power Variable-Speed Food Blender is an excellent unit that delivers smoother consistencies. So, if you are expecting faster results from a blender, then this will be a perfect choice at the best price.


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