Why Should You Invest In A Kitchen Blender in the First Place?

Blenders have become one of the staples and the most popular kitchen improvement appliances of the last decade. Though most of the people out there are aware of the capabilities of a blender and the array of things they can do to make the food preparation process an easier one, some people stunt their use of a blender only to make smoothies and milkshakes. However, the process of blending has been associated with tasty and healthy foods since quite a few times now, yet there are so many other things as well, which a blender can easily achieve if used properly.

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Why do I need a Blender?

The association of health and blended foods is pretty old, because of those health freaks, who like to drink their fruits and vegetables, other than eating them. It’s already proven that whole blended fruits and vegetables are a way better source of different vitamins and minerals and fibres than cut and cooked ones. Moreover, one can consume a large serving of fruits and vegetables at a time, which is rather not possible when consuming in a whole or cooked form. 

But, as we have said earlier, blenders are capable of doing way more versatile things other than blending some fruit juices and mixing some boring gravies. From making baby formulas to making a perfect dough, nothing is impossible for a countertop blender in true sense. So, here, we have tried to enlist some of the advantages of a countertop blender, which might help you to make your mind about getting a new blender for your home

Why Should You Buy A Blender?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, knowing thoroughly and precisely about the benefits may help in the process. Some of the advantages of having a blender are as follows:

Minimum maintenance: 

Before the blenders, people used to rely on juicers to get their daily dose of nutrition. The basic difference between a blender and a juicer is that the latter is well known for churning concentrated juice from any fruit and that too without the seeds and skins and the pulp itself. And all those discarded portions eventually stored up in the different spaces in the juicer. So, along with a lengthy preparation and complicate setting up of the appliance itself, juicers are eventually very difficult to clean as we. 

But in the case of blenders, all you need to do is throw in all your desired ingredients into the jar, start the blender, and your smoothie is ready to drink within a minute. Cleaning the blending jar afterward is also like a breeze.

Minimum wastage:

Unlike juicers, blenders blend fruits and vegetables with their pulp and skin. So, eventually, it leads to an end product with all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals and fibers, etc. Which are otherwise discarded during juice making in a juicer. Moreover, like juicers or any other juice making devices, blenders do not throw out all the fibrous parts of a fruit. They basically chop them up and blend it along with the other ingredients as well. So, this not only increases the health quotient of the food but minimizes the wastage as well.

Makes space for more ingredients:

The primary objective of blending is to dice and chops and then finally mashed all the ingredients present in the jar. So, as the cumulative volume of the end product decreases, it eventually enables the user to consume way more varieties of ingredients at a time, which is otherwise not possible when eating separately. 

End product of blending

As blending, mix and blend almost every type of ingredient, the result is always healthy and full of essential nutrients. The primary reason behind the popularity of kitchen countertop blenders is lying on this one single fact. Moreover, as most of the blenders come with personal size sipper jars, even some personal blenders convert their one-serving blending jar to a sipper with just a mere lid; So, taking several servings of healthy smoothies on the road or to the workspace or collage, becomes easier as well.

Different Applications Of A Blender

The application of any generic blenders does not restrict to making smoothies and milkshakes. Many different ways a blender can also used, which includes:

  • For a bowl of creamy hot and steaming soup, one can easily use a blender to blend all the vegetables along with heated broth and some seasoning of their choices. However, there are some advanced blenders as well, which can eventually heat all the ingredients automatically inside the blending jar with the heat created by the friction between the blades only.
  • As most of the advanced blenders are extremely powerful blades, these are highly capable of crushing ice as well. So, making frozen treats at home has become feasible with these advanced blenders as well.
  • Grinds comparatively tougher ingredients like coffee, nuts, and spices have also become easier with these super-efficient blenders. These blenders are not only converting different coarse and tough ingredients like cinnamon, almonds, and coffee beans to a fine powder. It also enables the user to choose the right grinding consistency as well.
  • Along with functions like grinding and blending, kitchen countertop blenders are highly capable of making different types of pancake batters and bread dough as well. Though most of the advanced countertop blenders come with a specific function for making doughs, one can easily use the “blend” feature to make all those pancakes and crepe batters.
  • Making different types of purees and baby foods are also something that can easily be done in most of the kitchen countertop blenders. Some of the leading blender manufacturing companies like Blendtec or Vitamix, etc., which equipped their appliances with specified features to perform these tasks.


A great quality countertop blender can make anyone’s life easier just with its presence. So, to all of you, who have already invested in a blender and only use it for making smoothies, understand its worth and use the way it is destined. And for others, who are still thinking about getting one, trust us, there is nothing better than a great quality blender on your side while you are planning to make some delicacies.

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